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I know that the reason why you searched for “dog farms in Nigeria” is because you, just like every other dog lovers in Nigeria are looking for not just a dog farm, but a dog breeder – a very reliable one. To buy dog(s) from.



This can also be seen as a kennel. That is, where dogs are kept. But taking a closer look at the word “farm” one will notice that the word “farm” is used for:
a. Reproduction
b. Business


Secondly, I personally think, the right word to be used is “dog kennels in Nigeria” instead of “dog farms in Nigeria”. I know that rearing dogs is a sector in Agriculture. Now, where they are kept or bred is called a “kennel” and those who breed them are called “breeders”.

Haven known that, let’s look at why we’re here.

N/B: Anyone who tells you that he knows all the dog breeders in Nigeria and can list them all out, is a liar. -For Christ sake, do you know the total number of citizens Nigeria has? Just recently, The United Nations (UN) confirmed that we are 201million. Now, can a single man or even a group of men point or list out all the dog lovers or owners from 201million? – the simple answer is NO!

I’m not going to list out all the dog farms in Nigeria, because I do not possess such capacity. – only GOD can do that.

Nonetheless, I’ll be doing something close to that. What do I mean by that?


You see, Nigeria has become more sophisticated. That is why, they’re seriously upgrading in lots of things. Although, the area of corruption have been left untouched. ­čÖé

Unlike before – I mean in the 1980’s and 1990’s where there was nothing like a gathering where animal lovers meet.
We now have them. – Clubs, Associations, etc of dog lovers. In such places, you get to find not only dog lover, but enthusiasts, breeders, groomers, pet shop owners, dog food producers etc..

Instead of listing all the dog farms in Nigeria – which is impossible. I’ll be picking the best breeders – those that have been tested, trusted and those that their results speak for them. These are the people whose profiles will be listed here:

Even though, we are yet to have a National Body, we still have dog clubs almost in all States of the federation.

Amongst all these clubs and associations, there are some that have gone ahead of others whose members are doing well and most importantly, practicing “Standard”. By “standard” I mean, the work with the breed guideline and try to maintain the exact quality and even improve it- if need be.

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Below are some States in Nigeria and their clubs:

Abia state- Has two (2) canine associations.
-Aba dog lovers and breeders association and
-Umuahia dog lovers and breeders association

Akwa-ibom state- Akwa Ibom state dog lovers association.

FCT Abuja- Abuja kennel Club

Imo state- Owerri Canine Club

Rivers State- Kennel Club of Rivers

Platuea State- Jos dog breeders Association

Kaduna State- Kaduna dog lovers association.

Lagos State- Has quite a lot of Kennel associations.

-Lagos state dog breeders and lovers association.
-Alimosho dog lovers and breeders association.

Oyo state- Oyo state dog breeders association and canine interest association

Now, inside these clubs are where those with kennels/dog farms come under as one.

Finally, Should you be interested in getting a dog or dogs from any dog farm or kennels from any state in Nigeria. Feel free to let us know, so we get someone that’s very reliable.

  1. Please do u know where I can get a Siberian husky puppy in Lagos with budget of 30-45k. Thanks in anticipation

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