Dog Commands in French: All French Dog Commands and their Meaning

Using dog commands in french in training your dog to train your dog can be both effective and fun. 

Are you looking out for dog commands in french? If yes, then you are in the best place.

Before we proceed with the names, let us look at the reasons why we should make use of French dog commands in training our dog(s). 

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Why make use of Dog Commands in French in training your dog?

Dog Commands in French

French Dog Commands stands-out.

English dog commands are very common. 90% of dog owners use them. Using an entirely different command in a different language like the dog commands in french makes it easier for your dog to differentiate it from your day to day words.

Using dog commands in french makes it clear for your dog to understand


When your friends and family are coming visiting and see that you train your dog to understand dog commands in french, they will be amazed, blown-off, and Impressed that your dog understands a second language and theirs don’t.

It’s fun!

If you just got or already have one or more French dog breed(s) such as;


Basset artesien normand

Basset fauve de bretagne


Berger Picard

Bichon Frise.

Blue Gascony basset

Blue Picardy spaniel



Dogue de Bordeaux

French spaniel


Miniature poodle

Petit basset griffon vendee

Pyrenean mountain dog

Pyrenean shepherd

Standard poodle

Toy poodle


Or other French dog breeds too many to mention here, and right now, you would presumably need to show him/her some dog commands in french. 

A disciplined dog needs essential training likewise that any dog owner can offer him. 

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List of Basic Dog Commands in French

dog commands in french

Some of the few essential and most significant dog commands in french include:

English:: French

Sit: Assis (ah-see)

Down: Couche (koosh)

Stand: Debout (da-boo)

Stay: Reste (rest)

Heel: Au Pied (oh-pee-aye)

Come: Ici (ee-see)

Speak: Aboie (ah-bwaa)

Jump: Saute (soat)

Assis: Sit!

Couché: Down!

Reste: Stay!

Pas bouger: Stand still

Au pied: Heel

Viens ici: Come here!

Debout: Stand!

Rapporte: Fetch!

Saute: Jump!

Donne: Let go!

Aboie: Speak/Bark!

Dehors: Go outside!

Rentre: Go inside!

Pas toucher: Leave it!

Va: Go Ahead!

Arrête: Stop!

Attaque: Attack!

Donne la patte: Shake a paw!

Attends: Wait!

Fetch: aller chercher

Go Out: Sortir

Gaurd Alert: Garde (gaurd)

Search: Chercher (scherch)

Track: Piste (piss-te)

Out/Let Go: en dehors or Allons y

No: Non or Mauvals (non or mauvais)

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There you have it, a list of dog commands in french.

I know it was helpful to you.

If you have questions or contributions, feel free to make use o the comment section below.


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