Dog Commands in Dutch

Getting you dog to learn dog commands in dutch will be almost impossible, without a comprehensive list of Dutch dog raining commands.

Want to learn the basic dog commands in dutch for your dog (s)? If yes, then you’ve got to read on.

Training your dog to become familiar with the dog commands in dutch can become a wonderful sight to behold.

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From the messages gotten from those who have read the above post, we found out that many people find scenes where a dog(s) display how intelligent they are in obeying different languages very intriguing and are very surprised whenever they see a dog that knows more than one language.

Here, in this post, you will find out the commonly used dog commands in dutch – Used for obedience training, protection training, tracking training, and more.

These dog training commands are translated from Dutch to English.

dog commands in dutch

List of Basic Dog Commands in Dutch

Here we will be looking at the commonly used dog training commands in Dutch for obedience, protection, tracking and more. 

These dog training commands are in this article translated from English to Dutch with a sector dedicated to the pronunciation of the commands. 

Our team have done our very best to ensure that we keep both the spelling and pronunciations of these dog commands in Dutch very accurate; however, if you notice any incorrect dog command, please let us know by dropping it in the comment section below!


English = Dutch = Pronunciation

Sit =  Zit = szit

Down =  Af  = auf

Stand = Staan = sta: n

Gaurd Alert = Bewaken = bay-walkin

Search =  Reveiren = ray-vee-rin

Stay = Blijf = blife

Heel =  Volg Rechts = volg /reck-sh

Come = Hier = he-er

Speak =  Blaffen  = blah-fun

Jump =  Over = oh-ver

Fetch =  Apport = ah-port

Go Out = Vooruit = voh-rit

Track = Zoek = zook)

Out/Let Go = Loslaten = los-law-ten

No = Foei = foo-i

The above are the most common dog training commands in Korea.

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 Here’s a video on how to train your dog on obeying some basic dog training commands

With this video, you’re sure to get lots of good tips that’ll guide you in teaching your dog the basic dog commands in Dutch.

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dog commands in dutch

Some Dog Training tips

  • Always start each lessons for new command in a quiet room in your house. – The room should be away from any form distractions
  • Break training sessions into short but regular sessions so that your dog won’t ger tired and bored
  • Be patient, just like humans, dogs learn at different rates. – So, try not to worry about your dog not picking commands up straight away
  • Always end the training session with a command that your dog knows. – This makes the training to end on a positive note
  • Use threat during and after training, to get the best from your dog.
  • Have fun during training!

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