Dog Breeding Insurance

In order to know what dog breeding insurance is all about, we would first understand dog BreedingOpens in a new tab. 

What is dog breeding?

Dog breeding is the process of mating selected dogs, with the intent of producing specific qualities and characteristics.

It’s become a lucrative business source over the years, and like all business inclined individuals, no one wants to cut their losses.

That is why dog breeding insurance is the go-too way for all dog breeders across the Globe, but what does it really entail?

Dog Breeding Insurance is a Specially curated dog insurance policyOpens in a new tab., designed to cater to the needs of dog breeders.

These needs are quite different from the Regular “Dog owners” because it is a business the needs of dog breeders are borderline financially inclined and this pertains to the maintenance of a dog breeding environment and the survival of these dogs.

Dog Breeding insurance dates back to the 20th century, where the first case of Dog insurance was recorded in the year 1982, Television Dogstar (Lassie) was the first proponent of this movement and soon it became a trend as other Onscreen Dogs were getting themselves insured, it has moved up a notch in the 21st century as the Population of Dog ownership increased and the Emergence of Dog Breeding as a lucrative source of Income and is Necessary if you want to Become a Successful Dog Breeder.

Benefits Of Dog Breeding Insurance 

The Benefits Of Dog Breeding Insurance Include;

  1. Covering Of Veterinary Fees:

Breeding insurances usually cover the costs of veterinary treatments, which are needed during sickness, disease, or injury.

A Sufficient veterinary fee benefit will ideally provide lifelong cover.

2. Third-party liability: 

This covers all of the legal obligations and legal costs that you will have to face like a dog breeder, such as when the dogs cause damage or injury.

3. Fertility Costs:

This provides payments for treatments, that are necessary for improving the fertility of the dogs.

It includes payments for testing as well as fertility treatment if the dog has been diagnosed to be fertile.

4. Pregnancy and birth:

This covers the cost of a dog’s pregnancy and delivery. It’s usually put in place to ensure safe delivery and also eliminate health complications.- To ensure that the mother and the puppies are well to do, during gestation and whelping.

It may also payments for cesarean sections in the case where it is needed.

5. Care for puppies at their early stage: 

This insurance package will help subdue the cost of treatment to ensure that puppies grow up healthy and void of any form of illness.

It can cover the cost of fading puppy syndrome, Commencing from the puppies’ birth up until the time that they are sold.

6. Equipment Insurance: 

Dog breeding types of equipment are usually expensive and hard to maintain.

This insurance package will pay for any damage caused to it due to natural disasters such as storms, floods, escape of oil or water, fire out-break, explosion, theft, aircraft, or malicious damage.

7. Death Benefit: 

A certain amount of money will be paid to you when a member of your dog breeding kennel dies.

Why Has There Been An Unexpected Upsurge In Dog Breeding Insurance Beneficiaries?

While pet breeding insurance may have been around since the 20th century, it wasn’t until the turn of the century Dog breeders started embracing it, initially it was only a trendy thing amongst onscreen dog star owners, but the game has changed and diversified that Dog breeders now want an active part in it, but why exactly?

  1. The Evolution Of Veterinary Treatment

Veterinarian treatments have diversified and expanded in scope.

Hence dog and all pet breeders out there are becoming forced to secure an insurance policy because the costs of these treatments have skyrocketed; it has now become paramount to opt for one.

2. More Care And Importance Attached To Dogs

In previous times, dog breeders were not as conscious of their animals’ health as they are now, they are now much more aware of the changes that could occur in their dog’s health, which has readily influenced them to settle for these insurance policies.

Dog breeders all want to breed healthy dogs with a good temperament, so breeding healthy dogs results in happy puppies.

3. The Revolutionization of The Pet Insurance Industry

Regular discharge of better policies and proposals by reputable companies have convinced many dog breeders that Dog insurance is the way to go, insurances make sure the puppies’ life is secured for a lifetime.

4. Increase In Awareness On A Global Scale

With more dog breeders deciding to insure the health of their pets in the best possible ways, general awareness for dog insurance is spreading across the world.

5. Major Marketing

Marketing has also played a significant role in creating awareness among dog breeders.

This is one of the most influential factors for the increase in dog insurance policies and in raising healthier dogs

In spite of these major influences, only a minuscule part of the total dog population is insured.

How do you get Dog Breeding Insurance?

It’s pretty simple and thanks to the advent of the internet these days all you have to do is look it up on the web, your search for dog insurance companies within your local vicinity, compare prices and packages and choose the one that is most suitable for your dog breed and Bingo!

There you go.

Like most things in life, dog breeding insurance also has its Advantages and Shortcomings, but the good news is that there is hardly any reason to be Skeptical about opting for dog breeding insurance.

The Pros of Paying For Dog Breeding Insurance

• It allows you to opt for favorable treatments for your dog

• It covers surgery, chemotherapy, and drug therapy.

• It enables you to only pay for what you need due to the emergence of deductibles and coinsurances.

The Cons of Paying for Dog Breeding Insurance

• If you do not choose wisely, you may end up paying more on premium for what you get back in treatment.

• Some insurance companies usually deny insurance to severely ill dogs whom they fear may end up dying regardless.

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