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Dog Bites – Causes, Signs And How To Stop Them

This is one big issue amongst dog owners and lovers. Most of the time, they usually fall victims of dog bites. We shall be looking at dog bites, causes, signs and solutions.

Let’s look at the possible reasons or causes of dog bites.

There are 6 main reasons why dogs bite, they include;
-Dog Possessiveness
-Dog Fear.
-Dog Pain.
-Maternal Instincts.
-Prey Drive.
-Bad Upbringing/training.

Let’s look at the above points in details.
6 main reasons dogs bite.
1. Bad Upbringing: Just as it is with humans, the way you bring up your dog or puppy determines the way they’ll become or the attitudes they’ll cultivate. It is quite unfortunate that most dog lover fail to perform their obligations at this stage or phase. They ignore some of the signs of nasty behaviours such as aggression; even when their dog was a puppy. Remember, an iron is bendable when its still very hot.

2. Dog possessiveness: This is one very common cause of dog bites. Protection of property is a very common issue, when I say “property”, I am talking of anything from toy, food, territory or even a human being. They tend to deal-with(bite) anyone who dares to disposes them of those things.

2. Dog fear: This is another cause dog bites. Fear is often targeted towards strangers such as distant relations or unknown people or faces. When a dog is thrown into a state of “fear” or being afraid, a bite is most times inevitable.
This can be called “Fear bite” which usually occurs when a dog is taken by surprise. So, the best way to eliminate such occurrence is by early socialization. This is very important as it gets your dog exposed to many different people, animals and situations minimizing the risk of developing fear.

3. Dog pain: This can cause dog bites. Here, there is no need to train a puppy not to bite. The truth is this- Pain can cause even the friendliest dog and the nicest dog to bite. It can also cause a calm dog become a “radical”. Children are usually victims of these kind of bites. This is why adults are adviced to teach their children his to treat dogs, especially, when injured.

4. Maternal instincts(Nursing Dams): Here, lack of respect for a dam’s maternity instinct usually leads to bites from nursing mothers. This is an act of protection. Nursing mothers are usually very protective whenever they whelp. We must be careful around them as some can be extremely protective thereby leading to dog bites.

5. Prey drive: This is can cause dog bites. Although, its not common but it is good to be informed so as to be aware of it. This is mostly peculiar to special breeds examples of such breeds include: Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherd etc… These are dogs with super energy which requires daily workout. If you’re not ready for such breeds, please, do not get them.

6. Stress: This is one vital cause of dog bites. Although it is often neglected, it is good we know it. When a dg is stressed out, it could lead to bites. Its good to you take them out for walk.

7. Hunger: They say “A hungry man is an angry man”. The same applies to dogs. A hungry dog is an angry dog. Needless say much here. All I’ll say is feed your dog appropriately.

Dog Bite Warning Signs:

A lot of people were biten by dogs. Because they neglected the warning signs. Knowing the common cause and signs of dog bites will empower you to avoid these situations. Dog bites are always symbolised by behavior that a careful dog owner/observer can use as a warning and then take steps to reduce the dog’s stress/fear or avoid bite by leaving the area.

The signs are as follow:

– The ears is usually pinned back.- this is usually a sign of being afraid.
– The fur/hair along their back may stand up.- this usually a sign of anger.
– You may be able to see the white part of their eyes.
– Grining/Yawning: The white part of the dog’s teeth might show up.-this sign is usually very clear sign of bite. If further angered, it’ll eventually bite.
-Non-social behavior such as freezing in response to a touch or look followed by direct intense eye contact back from the dog is another clear sign that he may bite.

How to Stop Dog Biting from Happening.
The first step to stoping dog bite is by being a responsible dog owner.

– Being Responsible: The best solution to avoid being bitten due to maternal instinct is to spay or neuter your dog if you don’t intend to breed them. Also, if you don’t have the required resources to cater or care for your dam, please dont breed. It can cause bite.

Exercise: This will help to burn out unnecessary energy from your dog which may be used negatively. It will Aldo create an avenue for human-animal bond.

– Vaccination: Make sure your vaccination is update. A rabid dog can be agrressive- which eventually leads to bite. revention begins at home with your own dog by being a responsible dog owner.

Games: Play some games with your dog(s). Games like”catching the ball” can be very good. Please, avoid aggressive and rough games such as; Tug of war, wrestling etc.

Training: Training your dog to know basic commands which can be very essential in the long run. Some of them include: sit, stay, stop, come, go and leave-it.

Socialize: Begin early socialization. Endeavor to participate in activities such as dog walks, dog shows etc. This help to expose them to different people, situations and activities.

– Train them: Enrol them into obedience training/clases. Get them engaged.- this is a solution to those who can’t train bythemselves. l will advice you get a professional to teach them basic commands and essential obedience trainings. But if you can do it yourself, then go ahead.

-Eradicate any sign if aggression: This could be in form of food aggression, toy aggression etc… The earlier you get rid of them, the better for you.

-Keep them in a safe environment to avoid injuries which could lead to pain.

– Lastly, Seek professional help and advice from professional breeders and experienced veterinarians- they can give you some tips. Do not for get to ask us questions that may be bothering you.

If you have any contributions or questions drop it them below

Now that you know these about dog bites, feel free to share your thoughts and endeavor to share.

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