Best Delaware dog friendly beaches for you and your dog

Delaware dog friendly beaches

what are the best Delaware dog friendly beaches? this is one question dog lovers in Delaware ask

We’ll be treating that question, by listing the best Delaware dog friendly beaches – where dog owners in Delaware can take their dogs with them to get the best fun they can ever get.

I know sometimes, dog owners wish to take their dog(s) alongside their family to the beach where dogs can run, swim, and frolic in the sand. catch some fun and relax.

Delaware dog friendly beaches

In this case, to ease the stress of going out to look for dog-friendly beaches in Delaware where dogs are allowed into the beach with their owner, I have written in this post the best dog friendly beach in Delaware for dog owners.

Haven observed that a lot of dog owners in Delaware find it hard to locate a nice dog-friendly beach for dogs in Delaware. we thought it wise to sniff out and compile a list of best dog friendly beaches in Delaware since we are aware that sandy paws equal happy dogs.  Use the links/map below to find a dog-friendly beach in Delaware.

List of Delaware dog friendly beaches

  • Broad kill Beach
  • Bethany Beach
  • Fenwick Island State Park:
  • Dewey Beach
  • Delaware Sea sure state park


Broad kill Beach

Address: 2 s Bay Shore Dr, Milton, De, United States 19968

Some Info about the Broad Kill Beach:

The Broad kill Beach is a pet-friendly one. To let the dog in, the management says the dog must be extremely trained to obey voice commands and owner are to respect other kill beachgoers and must endeavor to clean up after their dog must also endeavor to dispose of the waste properly.

Also, the management also started that dog is not allowed from May 1 to 30 on the beach and boardwalks Bowers Beach:  A great place to hang out with your dog. Dog owners must endeavor to keep the dog away from neighboring yards. Also, remember that dogs are not allowed in any Delaware beach from may 1to September 30

Phone: (302)572-9000.

Delaware dog friendly beaches

Bethany Beach:

Some info about the Bethany Beach:

Here your pet including dogs are welcomed but its September 30 to May 15

Phone: (302)539-8011

Address: 288 Pennsylvania Ave, Bethany Beach, DE, United States, 19930

Fenwick Island State Park:

Address: 36840 Coastal Hwy, Fenwick Island, DE, United States, 19971

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Phone: (302)227-2800

Some info about the Fenwick Island State park:

This is a very nice place. Mostly uncrowned which makes it much better. It is located on Route 1, North of Fenwick Island.

delaware dog friendly beaches

Dewey Beach

Address: I Chicago’s, Dewey Beach, DE, United States, 19971

Phone: (302)227-6363

Some info about the Dewey Beach:

Here, dogs are allowed on the beach before 9:30pm during the summer (mid-May to mid-September).

Dogs are also allowed on the beach from mid-September to mid-may. You must endeavor to clean up your dog’s mess and all dogs’ must not have license foes for between $5 to $35. The Dewey bitch dog license can be obtained from town-hall which is located at 105 Rodney Avenue.

delaware dog friendly beaches

Delaware Sea sure state park.

Address: 39415 Inlet Road Rehoboth Beach, DE, United States, 19971

Phone: (302)227-2800

Some info about the Delawaresea sure state park:

Here, dogs are allowed to join you in surfing during selected times of the year(May 1 to September 30). Dogs are not allowed on any area with safeguards but are allowed on non-guarded beaches from October 1 to April 30 dogs are permitted on all beaches. They must be leashed while in the park.

Cape Henlopen State Park:

Address: 42 cape Hen opens Dr. Lewes, DE, United States, 19958

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Phone: (302)6458983

Some info about the Cape Henlopen state park:

Here, the pets are allowed all day with no time limitation. Dogs are not allowed on the broad walk, ocean beach or any swimming area designated by a parks division as not allowing dogs from May 1 to September 30.

Here you have it: Delaware dog friendly beaches for dog lovers. I hope you take your dog with you when next you visit the beach.

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