China Dog Festival: Everything you Need to know

Want to know about the china dog festival otherwise known as the china dog meat festival? then read on.

The China dog festival, otherwise known as the china dog meat festival, is an annual festival held/organized in Yulin, Guangxi, China.

In this festival, attendees are given dog meats to eats.

The festival’s history is still a fresh one as it started in 2009 – Over ten years now.

china dog meat festival

The china dog festival, otherwise known as the china dog meat festival, was inaugurated on 21 June 2009 and is being observed annually.

The last event was held on 21 June 2018, the previous was 21 June 2017, and the next will be 21 June 2020.

The festivals are known to witness the killing of over a thousand dogs in a single day and are consumed by all those present at the event.

The festival- china dog festival has since its inception, drawing criticism from both domestic dog lovers and international/abroad dog lovers.

The china dog festival is usually open or celebrated for a period or span of ten days, and reports have it that thousands of dogs are killed in each of these days until the festival was over. – When calculated, we get to observe that over ten thousand dogs are killed a dog the china dog festival – This, we say, is animal cruelty-similar to the dog baiting.

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In this event, dogs are paraded in cages- wood or metal- some of which might be stolen, because judging from the appearance of some, you’d say their owners do not know their where-about. – some of them had their collars on them.

china dog meat festival

The dogs which are paraded in cages(wooden or metal) are later slaughtered, cooked, and served to participants of the china dog festival otherwise known as the china dog meat festival.

We at say this festival is cruel and should be stopped.

Yes, it’s animal cruelty – media outlets have reported that these dogs are sometimes boiled alive – due to superstitious beliefs, which may include that cooking them alive helps to improve the sweet taste of the dog’s meat.

china dog festival

We say this festival should be stopped. – Although, the organizers say that the dogs are killed humanely and are no different from the killing of pigs used for pork or beef.

What’s your take on this event? Should the china dog festival, otherwise known as the dog meat festival, be stopped or continued?

Let us have your say, view, or opinion in the comment section below.


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