Can I Bathe My Dog At Night? 

Can I Bathe My Dog At Night? 

Can I bathe my dog at night? I believe this one question comes to every dog owner’s mind when they find their dog all stained or smelly at night. One of the major concerns is when a dog owner wants to bathe a dog at night, considering its well-being.

Bathing a dog at night is completely harmless, and it helps with the overall health of your dog’s skin and coat. But you need to ensure that you dry up your dog as soon as you are done bathing and keep it warm if you are in a colder climate.

Bathing your dog is very vital in the overall health of your dog’s skin and coat. It helps in keeping your dog neat and free of dirt and parasites. One of the benefits of bathing your dog is examining unusual scratches, fleas, bumps, and other abnormal things. These things are much easier to see whenever their hair is wet and flat against their body.

Alternatively, you can learn to bathe your dog without water if the climate conditions are quite harsh. But if you insist on using water, you can follow the steps.

How to Bathe a Dog at Night in 7-Easy Steps

Note that bathing your dog at night isn’t rocket science. However, it’s a good idea to follow a consistent style to making things much easier and minimize stress. Beginning from setup to cleanup, these steps will simplify the bathing process for both you and your dog at night.

Set up the stage

Making sure you set up the bathing area earlier will help ensure a smooth and stress-free night bathing. The first thing is to gather all the necessary supplies. After everything needed is within reach, line the tub or sink with a non-slip rubber mat and make sure everyone is bright. Doing this will make your dog feel more secure and avoid any accidents once the water starts flowing.

Bring the dog in

Calling your dog in during a night bath can be tricky, but using a healthy treat to invite your dog to join you in the bathing area, such as small pieces of chicken or cheese, will work well. Though gentle coaxing is fine, ensure you don’t force the dog. In case you’re dealing with a stubborn dog, then attach his leash to his collar so that the dog will know it’s time to listen.

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In case you need to put your dog into the basin or tub, then place one hand beneath the dog’s chest and the other behind his hind legs. But if the dog is large, then lift with your knees rather than your back. But you should know your limits; you can get a friend for help if your dog is too heavy for you to lift by yourself.

Make sure you secure your dog’s leash to prevent him from bolting mid-bath. In case your dog is a high flight risk, then rub some all-natural peanut butter on the edge of the tub to keep him occupied.

Wet the dog

Ensure you get your dog from the base of his skull down to the tip of his tail. But first, ensure that the water isn’t too hot or too cold. Also, try to pay close attention to hard-to-reach places like the legs, chest, and groin area. Note that because dogs’ coats repel water, so you should consider keeping a bucket of lukewarm water and a sponge closely to keep the dog wet during the next step. Also, you can still use the sponge to wet his head, as it’s less invasive than spraying.

Put your shampoo

Make sure you fill your palm with an all-natural shampoo that is formulated for dogs. You should never use human shampoo and dish soap because the high acidity can upset the sensitive pH balance of a dog’s skin. But in case your dog has dry, flaky, or oily skin, then consult your vet about which shampoo will best serve your dog’s needs. Or you can look for an alcohol-free product that has limited ingredients and steer clear of anything that contains harsh detergents and surfactants.

Make sure to apply the shampoo to the base of your dog’s skull. Try to avoid his eyes, then massage into a lather around his head and chest. Ensure to work your way down his body using long, gentle strokes just as you did with the water. Note that shampoo instructions vary, but make sure you leave the product on your dog’s coat for a few minutes. And while you are waiting, praise and pet your dog, then continue with the massage if he starts to get antsy.

Rinse and repeat

As you already know, an all-natural dog shampoo should not be too sudsy. However, it’s vital to get it all out. Remember to rinse your dog thoroughly from head to tail until the water runs clear. You can then rinse again! Make sure you use your fingertips to part the dog’s hair, making sure no soapy residue is left on the skin.

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Condition the dog’s coat

Although this step isn’t always necessary, especially when the dog’s coat is already naturally soft and silky, note that any conditioner formulated for canines can still be a good addition to bathing the dog during the winter months other time when his hair is on the dry side. But if possible, make use of the conditioner counterpart to the shampoo you’ve used.

Just apply the conditioner the same way you did the shampoo. Allow it to sit as long as the instructions recommend, then rinse well.

Dry the dog

Note that there are two basic methods to dry a dog: you can use a blow dryer or a mop. However, for skittish dogs who don’t like loud noises, using a towel is a better option.

Though while regular bathing towels work fine, they can still be cumbersome. However, to make it easier, reach for something more lightweight. Using an absorber helps absorb water much more quickly than a bathing towel, which makes the process faster and more enjoyable for your dog.

But unlike a bathing towel, it completely wrings out once saturated. It lets you re-use the same absorber over and over again.

Please note that if you opted to skip step 6, you should consider applying a natural topical moisturizing balm whenever your dog gets dry. This kind of balm can promote skin health and also help in settling any post-bath anxiety.

Lose the dog

Losing your dog is a crucial part of bath time, especially when bathing your dog at night. Allowing the dog to run helps him eliminate any lingering bath-induced stress and allows the dog to shake off that soapy smell. But since you are bathing the dog at night, that is, if you permit, you can let the dog into your storehouse.

Make sure you offer your dog some reward after a night bath, whether you offer a low-calorie treat or a pat on the back. Doing this will help the dog associate the night bath with a pleasant experience.

Things to do After Bathing your Dog at Night

The first thing to do is to towel-dry your dog as best as you can. After which, use either a dog-specific hairdryer or a human one on a medium or cool setting. We recommend brushing your dog as he dries. In case you’re air-drying the dog, ensure that every 10 or 15 minutes, run a brush through them as they’re drying. This will help prevent mats or help separate mats if your dog has them.

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Here are things you should do to Your Dog After Bathing at night

If we humans like it, your dog will like it too. Your dog needs a little care after bathing at night to complete the session. So below are some things you will need to do:

  1. Make sure to dry Your Dog.

Though some do, owners choose towels and while others choose hair dryers to dry their dog. I suggest you allow your dog has a few good shakes. But you can air-dry your dog if you bathed your dog in the day while you towel dry after a night bath.

  1. Make sure to brush Your Dog’s Fur.

Brushing your dog’s fur helps in preventing it from tangling. It also helps to get rid of excess water from his coat.

  1. Make sure to clean Your Dog’s Ears.

You can make use of a cotton ball (and not earbuds) to prevent water from entering the dog’s ears. After bathing at night, you can use a cleaning solution to remove excessive earwax from your dog’s ears.


I hope you have answers to the question, can I bathe my dog at night? As said earlier, you can bathe your dog at night, but you need to ensure you get them dry immediately after bathing. But whenever there is warm weather, you can bathe your dog outside during the day and allow the dog to dry naturally.

Make sure your dog doesn’t get cold or chilled in the process of bathing at night. So it is alright to bathe your dog at night as long as you ensure to dry him well once you are done.

Again, if your dog has skin allergies, you should create a specific bathing timetable to avoid further body irritation.

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