Bullmastiff Price in Nigeria

Bullmastiff price in Nigeria

What is the Bullmastiff price in Nigeria? That’s a question many potential puppy owners in Nigeria ask, and I kind of like that. It is a good thing to know not only the price of the breed but also the temperament and maintenance of the breed before committing to it.

The Bullmastiff price in Nigeria depends on many factors, but we can provide a solid ballpark of what you can expect.

Today the Bullmastiff is amongst the most popular dog breed in Nigeria, behind the German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Boerboel, Lhasa Apso, etc. 

Calm, but yet agile and intelligent, the Bullmastiff is a dog that will make a devoted pet.

The breed came from a mix of the English Mastiff with the now-extinct Old English Bulldog. The Bullmastiff is a large working dog breed with the origin in Britain in the mid-1800s who used them as estate guardians to chase off illegal hunters and strangers.

Ultimately, Bullmastiff owners thank Britain for creating this strong, powerful, but sensitive dog, confident, and courageous canine.

Bullmastiff price in Nigeria

The Bullmastiff Puppy Price in Nigeria

On average, the cost of a Pedigree Bullmastiff Puppy in Nigeria ranges from #250,000-#400,000

The price of a Non-Pedigree Bullmastiff in Nigeria is between #100,000-#200,000.

The Bullmastiff Puppy Price in Nigeria goes up for show-quality Bullmastiff dogs with an exceptional lineage. You can expect to pay anywhere from #300,000 up to #450,000 or more for puppies with top breed lines.

The cost of feeding a Bullmastiff in Nigeria

The Bullmastiff is a big dog with a hearty appetite, so you should take note of food expenses when factoring out the full Bullmastiff price.

Weighing anywhere from weighing 110–130 pounds (50–59 kg) depending on gender, size, and activity level, the Bullmastiff, typically eats 3 1/2 to 5 cups of food a day. (Always check with your veterinarian or a professional breeder to see what’s right for your dog.)

Consider additional costs as you factor out the Bullmastiff Price

There are many additional costs to consider in the full Bullmastiff price in Nigeria, in addition to the initial expense, vet bills, and food.

Training is incredibly essential for all breeds of dogs. 

You want your Bullmastiff puppy to be obedient, well-behaved, companionable, with guard instinct, and enjoyable to be around. 

We will recommend you look into hiring a dog trainer or do it yourself by heading to youtube to watch experienced dog trainers teach you how to train your Bullmastiff puppy.

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