Bingo Dog Food: All You Need to Know About the Brand

Bingo Dog Food

Bingo dog food; is a Nigerian based dog food brand.  It is the first of its kind in Nigeria. The bingo dog food brand has not only stood the test of time; it has also achieved some great levels of success. One of which is;
Being the official dog food brand for the Nigerian police force(full details here).
Binggo dog food is a premium dog food brand that is 100% Nigerian. It is a dry dog food that does not require the stress of cooking; it is fresh – well packaged; highly affordable and well balanced in terms of Nutrition.

The brand did not neglect hygiene as it is being produced under very high hygiene conditions and good manufacturing practice(GMP). The materials used in manufacturing are well selected from the highest quality and in very adequate proportions. This is because the brand aims at giving your dog(s) the best nutrients for optimum, well-balanced growth, development, and energetic performance.
It is;
-Rich in protein
-Contains no chemical preservatives
-No Soy
-No coloring agents or die.
Some testimonies about  the brand can be found here and here
The food is available in chicken and fish flavors to suit your choice and demand. They also come in Puppy and Adult bags.

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Bingo dog food Recommended retail price include:

Please Note: The prices below are subject to change.
15kg 8,500Naira
7.5kg 4,500Naira
10kg 7,800Naira
5kg 4,300Naira
Binggo Dog Food for Puppy: This is well produced and packaged, to meet the needs of every young dog/puppy. It provides them with the best nutrients designed for growth and development processes. The content in the bag provides them with all the vital components for their well-being. It is available in 5kg and 10kg bag sizes

Bingo Dog Food Ingredients includes;

Animal Protein
Essential Amino acid
Vitamin Premix

Bingo Dog Food Proportions include:

Protein 33%
Fat 22%
Crude Fibre 5%
Ash 8%
Phosphorus 0.8%
Calcium 1.2%
Moisture 10%

Bingo Adult Dog Food:


This is highly nutritious. It is well balanced and designed to specifically and especially meet the needs of all adult dog breeds(Including Toy and Working dog breeds) it is available in 7.5kg and 15kg

Ingredients include;
Animal Protein
Essential Amino acid
Vitamin Premix

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Proportions include:
Protein 20%
Fat 8%
Crude Fibre 8%
Ash 8%
Phosphorous 0.8%
Calcium 1.5%
Moisture 10%
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Contact for Bingo Dog Food:
Authorized Key Distributor:
Nutrihealth Vet. Services.
Address: Shop Q4, Joke Plaza, opposite Access Bank, Bodija, Ibadan.
Phones: +2349068888347, +234802 584 1734.

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