Best Prong Collar for Rottweiler

Looking out for the best prong collar for Rottweiler? If yes, then this article is all you need.

Rottweilers are very strong dogs, and most time, without proper training, they run out of control.

Owners of the Rottweiler dog breed ough to begin training as early as possible on their Rottweilers.

I love dogs, and one this I see as a habit is “buying more dog” I usually do not care if I already have enough or not.

I once bought some untrained adult Rottweilers who were very aggressive towards their past owners.

I got them because they were so beautiful to behold and I fell in love with them the first day I saw them.

I was told about their bad character, but as someone who was also very conversant with dogs’ training, I took up the challenge of changing their lives.

One thing I worked on was “pulling.” They always pulled whoever takes them on a walk.- I was determined to change this attitude.

After trying so many prong collars out there, I stumbled on the best prongs ou there.

List of the Best Prong Collar for Rottweiler

Below are the best prong collar for your Rottweiler dog breeds

They include;

1. Herm Sprenger Black Stainless Steel Prong Dog Training Collar

I am training my 85lbs rescued 2.5 years old Rottweiler/Labrador Mix to be my service dog.

He is all black, and I wanted a good training collar that is as inconspicuous as possible.

A friend of mine got the message immediately when this collar was put on that he needed to follow the input commands he was/is being given.

I like the swivel because I feel it helps keep the motions free and without a stationary ring’s entanglements.

Although the prong also comes with a stationary ring to use, which keeps the unit from tightening when used in concert with the swivel ring.

This is a very high-quality collar, is well made, and although I am not a fan of prong/pinch collars, this item appears to have been engineered/made for safe, humane use.

The prongs’ tips have been rounded smooth and not left jagged and sharp; I feel comfortable using them.

I use it to understand that it is for temporal use and is not intended to be used as an everyday collar but for training times only.

As with any collar, misuse of this item can cause damage, and as a handler, you should always bear this in mind.

I also purchased some extra prongs I found out to be of great importance.

There is no “paint chipping off” with this prong, and the colour remains intact, which was something I wondered about when I looked at it before purchasing.

I highly recommend this product!

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Features of this Prong Collar

  • This professional prong collar comes in a black stainless steel 
  • Length- 2.25 mm x 16 inches overall length (NOT actual fit size)
  • Each link of the prong collar is equipped with two blunt, slightly bevelled prongs; Swivel D-Ring provides maximum flexibility with the leash attachment
  • Removable Links: Interlocking links; Links can be added to make the collar longer or removed to make it shorter; Do not remove more than 2 links from each side
  • This prong will not rust- The black stainless steel is rust and seawater resistant and will perform and last for the years to come
  • Made in Germany- With a precise German engineering
  • This reliable- This prong was made of quality by the world’s foremost manufacturer of top-quality training collars
  • It’s very easy to use
  • Durable
  • Affordable

What I love about the Prong Collar

Well made! I stopped my 80 lb female german from pulling. I did have to order extra links as I didn’t measure right but love this collar.

Possible downsides

None so far.

Where to buy from

The best place to get this prong collar is from Amazon.- They’ve got the best customer service out there 

I got mine from Amazon and it was delivered to me the next day.


2. Wiotar Dog Prong Collar

I bought this for my high energy 105lb lab.

Impossible to take her for a walk without her ripping my arm out of the socket.

This gently reminds her that I am leading us, not her. I actually look forward to our walks now.

Features of this Prong Collar

  • The perfect and correct Training: The Dog Pinch Collar, Provide necessary training pressure while protecting the airway and neck sensitive area of your dog(s). N
  • Safe And Humane- This prong collar is very effective, smooth, rounded and safe with no side effects, no electric shock, or hurt to your dog. 
  • Strong
  • Reliable: The steady prong collar has a quick release snap, you can quickly unravel. It’s necessary to use PLIERS when you need to add some links, you can’t take it apart easily, either your pet dog. Be the pack leader with this safe and effective training collar.
  • Measure Before Buying: Measure your dog’s neck to choose the right product. You can use pliers to adjust the collar by removing or adding links to achieve a comfortable and snug fit. (watch the product picture guidance for how to adjust), suitable for medium, large, x-large dogs.
  • Quality Assurance: The manufacturers focus their mind on pet supplies, their mission is to let all pet owners enjoy every second with their pets! They offer a LIFETIME assurance for each of their products.


This dog collar is smooth and rounded to ensure that no harm comes to your Rottweiler, and provides a gentle pinching sensation to train them which is similar to how a mother dog corrects her puppies using her teeth, and at the same time, it also can ensure that your dog will pull significantly less while walking. 

What I love about this Prong collar

I love the fact that it fits my dog perfect after taking out a link.

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It’s very strong and sturdier than may others I purchased.

This will definitely last!

Possible downsides

There are no downsides to this prong collar.

I am happy I got it.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this prong collar is from Amazon- They’ve got the best customer care service.


3. Aheasoun Prong Collars for Dogs

This prong collar has completely changed my relationship with my dog.

I have a 55lb Rottweiler puppy who pulls pretty much pure muscle.

I dreaded taking him on walks because he pulls so hard that my hand would literally be bright red and so sore at the end of every walks.

The change was instant when I started using this prong collar on him.

He now walks right by my side, he’s no longer cutting me off and lunging at dogs, he no longer pulls at all and our walks are so pleasant now.

Features of this Prong Collar

  • Comes in an adjustable Size- The perimeter of the prong dog training collar can be adjusted to 23.6 inches
  • Multipurpose- This prong collar is suitable for small dogs, medium dogs and large dogs. 
  • Made of high-Strength Material-  Aheasoun prong collar is made of high strength chrome-plated stainless steel recommended by trainers. Prong collars for dogs have a silver coating for links that can provide a stable usage period for your dogs
  • Safe to use
  • Very effective-  Aheasoun dog training collar place even pressure on the neck sides and not on the trachea, prong ends of the dog choke collar are protected by rubber tips that can prevent harms to your dog’s neck
  • Easy To Use ➠ The training collar for dogs can easy to put on and take off in a second. Prong collars for dogs have a strong D-ring that provides a more secure connection with a leash
  • Comes with some comfort rubber tips and Package-  This prong collar comes with comfort rubber-tipped prongs that can better protect the dog’s skin.
  • Comes well packaged-  1 X Dog Prong Collar and 8 X Rubber Tips
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Value for money

What I love about this Prong Collar

This is a great prong collar.

I like the plastic tips, and it keeps the prongs from being sharp and not painful.

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I tried it by putting it on my arm, and I found out that it’s more of a soft poke than a pinch.

That being said, I love all of my dogs more than almost anything in this world, and I wouldn’t have bought this prong if I thought it would injure them in any way.

I have used just about every dog training tool out there (head collar, EZ walk harness, martingale collar), but nothing helped my 85 lb. Rottweiler.

I even tried the whole stop walking when they pull, reward when they don’t pull method.

I used this collar on our most recent walk, and everything changed.

That was the first time in her to walk without her pulling whoever is taking her out!!

He quickly got used to not pulling, and in the subsequent walks, I used her martingale collar (no prong collar on her), and she still didn’t pull!!

Now I’m slapping myself for not getting the prong collar sooner.

Prong collars are not cruel, especially not this one with the plastic tips.

It’s not painful, and it’s an effective training collar.

I recommend it.

Possible downsides

None at all

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this prong collar for your Rottweiler is from Amazon.

I got mine there and I got it the next day. – I love their customer care service.


Buyer’s Guide for the Best Prong Collars

There are no much questions to ask, but if you are looking out to getting a good and quality prong collar, here are few questions to ask.

 –  Is the item durable?
 –  Is this item easy to use?
 –  What are the dimensions of this item?

Instructions for anyone using a Prong Collar

  1. Please carefully measure the size of the dog’s neck before purchasing a prong collar for them.
  2. Use the prong collar for no more than one hour and only during designated walk or training sessions.
  3. Always remember to take off the prong collar whenever you’re not supervising your dog.
  4. Never make the prong collar your primary collar.- It is not your dog’s primary collar
  5. It should not be used on casual walks or outings.- Only when correcting a certain behaviour
  6. Never use a prong collar for a puppy.
  7. Prong collars are mainly designed for untrained dogs in order to teach leash manners.
  8. Prong collars are usually the last resort for dogs whose pulling problems are yet to be resolved through other means.
  9. They should never stay on your dog’s neck like a regular collar.
  10. As soon as your dog has mastered good walking techniques, there’s no longer a need to use the prong collar.

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