Best Grooming Spray for Havanese

If you are looking for the best grooming spray for Havanese, then this article is all you need.

It’s not about grooming your dogs with the right grooming kits, sprays are also very important.

Without a grooming spray, your grooming kit may not be complete.

As a renowned pet groomer, I don’t take the quality of the products of my dogs lightly.- I go for the very best

There are a few essential sprays that every dog/pet groomer should have.

some of them include;

  • Detangler
  • Conditioner
  • De-odorizer

In this article, I shall be listing these sprays to help you in grooming your dog(s).

Best Grooming Spray for Havanese

Below are some of the best grooming spray for Havanese that Havanese dog breed owners can use whenever they from their pet.

They include;

1. Nootie-Daily Spritz, Pet Conditioning Spray

This is very a very good pet conditioner.

The conditioning part is valuable and effective on the dog’s coat, but the scent was quite strong.- I’m actually fine with that!

I bought the sweet pea and vanilla.- They both smell nice (I’d totally wear it on my body), but it’s too effective for my dog.

With just one spray into my palms and spread on my boys was just very okay.

The scent is overbearing.

My boy rarely goes outside (only to potty and for walks) so he’s in the house 90% of the time.

I personally bathe and groom some of my dogs (those that are fond of getting themselves dirty) every 3-4 weeks and comb or brush them daily.

I keep a clean smelling house therefore they’re always clean-smelling dogs.

Features of this Pet Conditioning Spray

  • The Nootie’s Daily Spritz is made with natural ingredients
  • Can serve as soap and paraben-free
  • Keep your dog smelling fresh and clean between baths while conditioning the skin and coat
  • Safe to use along with topical flea and tick products

What I love about this Spray

All I have to say is, this grooming product is really good!

Do you know how most grooming spray mask dog scents? Well, this spray does not.

It actually deodorizes your dog/puppy while maintaining the skin integrity of your dog or puppy.

I have lived in Texas where it is quite hot and the smell outside can be bad after a long walk.

However, my dogs still smell fresh.

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I have only had it for two (2) months but I definitely feel and know it will meet my standards.

I am going to be getting some for my friends and clients.

Possible downsides

Personally, I am very pleased with this spray as it does exactly what I expect of it.

But talking about the smell, a lot of people do not like the fact that it smells too well, maybe it’s because they’re not a fan of artificial smells on dogs.

Maybe they would have liked it if there was a fragrance-free version.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this pet conditioning spray from is Amazon.- They’ve got this at an affordable price.


2. Breezytail Blooming Cologne

I bought this spray because of the brand behind it.

I’ve purchased their balm protective cream early last year and the potency of the balm made me a fan of this brand.

I also bought their spray in February and been using it for over twelve months now.

This detangling mist works great on my dogs.

Tried it on some of my dog suffering some serious skin problem.

I’ve tried and tested numerous grooming products and I honestly think this is one of the few exceptional grooming spray products out there that really works.

They help with soothing down skin, coat problems, dandruff, and hot spots.

The smell of this spray is very pleasant.

I personally do not like a strong and artificial-like scent, but the scent of this spray is very lovable.

It’ll make you want to cuddle your dog(s) more.

I had some doubts about the brand at first, but after trial, it turns out to be a lifesaver for me and my dogs.

What I love about this Spray

This obviously one of the best dog colony I’ve ever used.

The smell of this spray is very good and does not cause any allergies to my dogs.

I love this product (spray) and I’m going to buy this product again.

Possible downsides

Personally, I see no downside with this spray.

Many may find the scent of this spray very potent and may not like it.

Where to buy this from

The best place to buy this product from is Amazon.- They’ve got this product at the best price.

They’ve also got a wonderful customer care and delivery service too

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3. Crown Royale Magic Touch Grooming Spray

I’m a pet groomer and I can tell you that I love this product.

This grooming spray smells very nice and I really like how there are three (3) different formulas based on the different coat types.

I use the specified number for each breed on every dog I groom and they all look great!

You can also print out the list of all of the different breeds and which numbers to use for each of them on the crown royale website.

Features of this Spray

  • Formula 2 is specifically balanced to enhance medium texture coats It will give your dog a natural sheen, stain repellency and complete control without any change in coat texture
  • No heavy build-up
  • Repels dirt
  • Made in the USA

What I love about this Spray

I’ve been using this spray for years.

It’s a concentrate you mix with water in a ratio of 1 to 15 in a spray bottle, so get one of those too.

It has a nice smell and leaves my Havanese soft and tangle-free.

I use it just after a bath, and in between when I brush him.

Caution: This stuff is very slippery when the mist gets on on your hardwood or tile floors, and then dries, and you can slip and fall.

So now I only use it while standing on a concrete floor, or while the dog is still in the tub.

This is no joke!

I have fallen and so have family members in the past, so be careful…you have been warned.

Otherwise, great product I will continue to buy.

Possible downsides

There are no downsides to this spray.

Like I mentioned earlier, you have to be careful as the spray on the floor can be very slippery.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this spray from is Amazon.- They’ve got this spray at the best price ever.

They’ve also got a wonderful customer care and delivery service.


4. BioSilk for Dogs Silk Therapy Dog Shampoo

Biosilk Pet Products is nothing short but amazing for dogs and other pets, not only do the products keep your babies hair soft, manageable, mat-free, shiny, picture ready But it also keeps your dog’s coat HEALTHY!!

As a Responsible Breeder of AKC Poodles, groomer, and veterinarian, I know that having the best products is of the utmost importance.

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I also Groom all my dogs and Biosilk Pets has given me exceptional results from Puppies to Adult dogs. I especially LOVE this new Coconut Biosilk Pet. Thank you Biosilk!

Features of this Spray

  • Restores moisture — Silk and enriching vitamins work together to help restore moisture to your dog’s coat. Before you know it, your dog will have that beautiful, silky-smooth coat you’ve always been dreaming of
  • Easy to use — This spray was made with the same classic ingredients as the original BioSilk line for humans, this de-matting spray for dogs sprays right onto your dog’s coat, working through knots and tangles easily and effectively
  • Comes with organic coconut oil — Nourishing coconut oil moisturizes skin, hydrates fur, and leaves behind a silky smooth coat that everyone can enjoy. you will love the feeling and light scent left behind by BioSilk for pets- your dog will also love it.
  • Made in the USA — Proudly made in the USA, this dog leave-in conditioner spray includes high-quality ingredients for an organic dog hair detangler spray you can trust, bringing you a dog grooming spray everyone will love
  • Affordable
  • Highly effective
  • 100% safe for use — No parabens or sulfates, and pH balanced for dogs, this coconut detangling spray for dogs is safe for you to use on your dog regularly

What I love about this Spray

I discovered the BioSilk Dog product seven months ago and I am in love!

They leave her soft and fluffy without drying her out.

I really love the coconut smell of this one!

Leaves my whole bathroom smelling like an island vacation. 

Possible downsides


It almost eight (8) months now and the results have been great.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this spray is from Amazon.- They’ve got this spray at the best price.- A price you won’t get anywhere else.


Directions for use of Grooming Sprays

-To make use of the sprays;

-Spray your dog from the back of the ears to the tail, carefully avoiding the eyes.

-Massage dry dog shampoo into your dog’s coat and brush through for best results.

-Repeat as needed.

-It should be for external use only.

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