Best Flea Shampoo for French Bulldogs

If you are looking out for the best flea shampoo for french bulldogs, then you can’t afford to miss out on this.

As a dog owner with over two (2) decades of caring for and handling the french Bulldogs, I have known that one major turn-off for french bulldog owners is the presence of flea in their dog.

I experienced and overcame, and in this article, I shall be sharing with you the very products I used in getting rid of them.

How do I know if my french bulldog has fleas?

If your dog has flea, then, you can easily spot them, but you have to be careful in looking out for them as they can be very swift.

To know if your french mastiff bulldog has fleas, you need to watch out for the following;

  • Watch excessive scratching or chewing
  • Examine your french bulldog’s skin for tiny red, raised bump
  • Check your french bulldog’s fur to look out for adult fleas
  • Have your dog stand on a whiteboard, table or towel and brush its coat
  • Use a flea comb and soapy water to lookout your dog’s coat for specks of dirt caused by flea
  • Check and examine our environment for signs
  • Examine their bed area and food area for signs

As soon as you spot them, treatment follows.

Best flea treatment for french bulldogs

Getting the best flea treatment for french bulldogs involves getting the best flea shampoo for your french bulldogs. – Without a very effective flea shampoo, the flea treatment may not be a successful one.

If you are looking for the best flea shampoo for french bulldogs, then I’ll suggest that you go for. – Adams Plus Flea & Tick ShampooOpens in a new tab. 

In this post, I shall be telling you about the best flea shampoo for french bulldogs.

More about the Best flea shampoo for french bulldogs

Adams Plus Flea & Tick ShampooOpens in a new tab.

This is the best flea shampoo for french bulldogs anyone who owns a french bulldog should have.

Before I got my first, I was skeptical because I have bought more than 15 products whose manufacturers say they kill lice, ticks, and fleas

I read the reviews and saw a lot of people were pleased with the product. I decided to give it a try. It’s over ten years now and still counting.

The first day I used it on my tick-infested dog, that was the day my neighbors tag “TICK MASSACRE DAY” – That day, I witnessed the death of over 500 ticks and fleas.

What I love about this product

  • Effectively kills fleas
  • KIlls ticks
  • Kills flea eggs flea larvae 
  • Kills lice
  • Made up of sensitive skin formula including 
  • Contains an insect growth regulator (IGR)that can kill and prevent the flea development for up to 28 days
  • Safe for use on all dogs and puppies that are 12-weeks and older
  • Pleasant smell, fresh scent
  • Remove dandruff, dirt, and scales.
  • It is enriched with oatmeal, soothing aloe, lanolin, coconut extract.
  • It prevents flea eggs from hatching for four weeks as well as cleansing 
  • Deodorizing.
  • Value for money
  • Affordable

Possible downsides

So far, I’ve not had any regrets. Pet owners who complained of this product killing their pets are to be blamed. If you follow the instructions written on the bottle, there won’t be any adverse effects on your dog.

Instructions for the Adams plus flea and tick shampoo

  1. This shampoo might be utilized full quality or weakened with two sections of water.
  2. Altogether wet your pet with warm water.
  3. Try not to apply shampoo around the eyes.
  4. The aggregate sum of shampoo to be used is 1/3 tablespoons for every 5 lbs of pet’s weight.
  5. Gauge the total quantity of shampoo required for your pet, at that point, apply shampoo along the rear of the pet.
  6. Function admirably into coat beginning at the head and working back.
  7. Spread foam around the head, neck, legs, and feet. – Continue to work the foam over the entire pet for 3 to 5 minutes – this is a significant piece of the preparing system.
  8. After the foam has been worked in over the whole pet, flush pet altogether with warm water.
  9. For incredibly grimy or layered creatures, the above methodology might be rehashed. Rehash each 7 to 10 days if important, for grown-up insect alleviation. Bug egg brings forth hindrance will keep going for 28 days.

Does the Adams Plus Flea and Tick Shampoo kill ticks

It’s written on the bottle. It kills fleas, ticks, lice, and flea eggs. The day I first tried it, I saw the death of over 500 ticks and fleas

Do Adams flea and tick shampoo have a shelf life?

Yes, it does. I’ve had the Adams Plus Flea & Tick ShampooOpens in a new tab. for over 10 years. – it’s a wonderful shampoo!

Adams flea shampoo ingredients

The ingredients used in making the Adams plus flea shampoo include

Pyrethrins. 0.075%, Piperonyl butoxide 0.750% Pyriproxyfen. 0.086% other essential ingredients. 99.089% Total of 100.000% (butyl carbityl) (6-propylpiperonyl) ether and related compounds.

Is the Adams Plus Flea and Tick Shampoo safe for puppies

Yes, the Adams flea and tick shampoo is very safe for puppies.

Note: To use on puppies, they must be older than 12 weeks.

How do Adams flea and tick shampoo work

The Adams Plus Flea & Tick ShampooOpens in a new tab. work like magic.

I recently got three new french dogs in 2018, and they were all infested with fleas and ticks for the past year.

I have tried everything I could lay my hands on – I tried boric acid, diatomaceous earth, flea collars, and several flea drops to bath them every few days.

I bathed them in dawn dish soap and also vacuumed them twice or thrice daily, and everything I tried never worked.

I had to reach out to some of my friends who were veterans and professionals in dog breeding, and they all recommended the Adams Plus Flea & Tick ShampooOpens in a new tab., and at this point, one of the dogs I had adopted had developed a severe allergic reaction to the ticks and fleas. – This was a sad thing to behold, and all I could do was shed tears all day because I couldn’t help them.

When all of my friends who were professionals and veterans in grooming and breeding had told me about Adams Plus Flea & Tick ShampooOpens in a new tab., I immediately bought the shampoo, at this point, I was eager to try anything I could to save my dogs, and I am glad I did.

Note: I never expected it to totally eradicate tick and flea problems. I just wanted to get rid of every tick, lice, or flea on them and it did just exactly that.

It helped to heal some sores alongside some allergy very fast to my amazement, and I was incredibly surprised at that and how quickly they recovered), and in few days, his furs were already coming back.

And as for the products’ actual effectiveness of the product, Thousands of dead fleas and ticks were seen on the floor, I also brushed their hair with the flea comb and found hundreds more come out.

I always feel happy to see my dogs move comfortably without ticks, flea, scratching, and even better to comb them.

I would recommend Adam flea and tick spray to any and everyone.

Is Adams flea and tick spray safe for other dog breeds?

Yes, it is very safe for dogs. just stick to the instruction, and you’ll be fine.

Where to buy it from?

Amazon is the best place to buy from. I got mine from Amazon. – It was sold at the best price.

I looked for a place (online and offline) to get it at a much lower price.

All attempts yield nothing positive.

Amazon was by far the cheapest and the best place to buy from.

Here you have it – best flea shampoo for french bulldogs

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This product has worked for me. It has worked for my clients, and am sure it’ll work for you.

Dr. Jason Williams

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