Best Dog Paw Hair Trimmer

Are you looking out for the best dog paw hair trimmer you can own as part of your grooming tools? If yes, then this article was written especially for you.

As you may know, dogs sweat through their paws.- So, it’s our responsibility to take absolute care of their paws.

In this article, I shall be listing out the best dog paw hair trimmer any and every dog owner should have.

List of Best Dog Paw Hair Trimmer

We have carefully and meticulously researched the very best dog paw hair trimmers that professional dog groomers, breeders, and dog owners use in taking care of their dog’s paws.

1. GASUR Dog Grooming Clippers

A great dog grooming clipper with exceptional features.

This tiny groomer clipper you see works great to trim paw fur on all dog breeds – I use this one in the office.

It comes with an LED light that really helps a lot, in fact, I am able to trim dog paw furs while sitting on the couch!

When on, the motor is very quiet.

It also comes in a great little storage box.

Would highly recommend

Features of this Clipper

  • This is an upgraded LED Dog clipper- It’s equipped with an innovative powerful motor and a highlighted LED light, which isn’t affected by ambient light. It’s much clearer and safer to cut dog hair around paw pads.
  • Comes with a 2-speed switch- This dog grooming clippers have 2 rotation speed settings (6500 RPM and 7000 RPM).
  • Low Noise – The clipper motor runs quietly ( 40-50 DB) in low vibration frequency so be sure that it won’t scare your dog(s).
  • Comes with s safe ceramic blade-  for efficient and long term cutting.
  • This dog grooming clipper is so easy to trim small areas of your dog like paws, ears, and eyes. 
  • It’s cordless
  • Comes with a USB rechargeable- The cordless design makes it more convenient for the whole grooming process. This dog hair clippers can be rechargeable and include a USB wire for your convenience.
  • Affordable
  • Value for money

Possible downsides

None! This is a great dog paw grooming clipper

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Important Information

1. Please charge the clippers for 3-4 hours before first use.

2. Ensure that you take off the white adjustable guard before using the grooming clippers.- It will more effective to trimmer hair around the paws.

Where to Buy From

The best place to buy this dog grooming clipper from is Amazon.- There you can get it at the best price ever!!


2. BASEIN Pet Foot Hair Clippers

This is a professional dog hair clipper with soft light with a professional design for exquisite hair trimming, perfect design for grooming hairs found in small places, such as ears, paws.

With the light, It enables you to trim your dog’s hair while not being afraid of hurting your lovely dog(s) for the reason of dark zone

These clippers did a great job on my Lhasa Apso’s paws. Her hair was pretty long and thick.

She’s got very sensitive and ticklish paws. -She would constantly twitch and pull her paw away.

This clipper was very quick and easy.

I had a lot less drama and her paws are now nice and tidy.

Features of the Basein Pet Foot Hair Clipper

  • Comes with light to assist you in grooming even at night
  • Very safe to use- Comes with an upgraded cutter head, more safety.
  • The inner cutter head was made of ceramic, which will not heat when working, no heat, no burn, limited comb on the cutter, safe size, allows your dog’s hair to be groomed uniformly
  • Comes with a 2-speed option for you to choose from- The high speed is for large places such as the face, butt, and low speed for a small and narrow place, like, ears, hair around nose and eyes, considerate design meets your dog’s need
  • USB chargeable- Comes with a USB rechargeable design, which can also be charged by power bank, laptop, adaptor, etc.
  • Ensures a convenient grooming process/session.
  • Low noise- This dog hair grooming clipper is low noise in working, can be used even when your dog is sleeping.- It’s soft and low noise, will not get your dog to be afraid.

Possible downsides

To be honest, you have not to worry about this clipper

Where to buy from

The best place to get this grooming isn’t from any other pet store – Online and offline, but Amazon.

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3. TURN RAISE Professional Dog Grooming Clippers

This clipper works like a charm.

I recommended this to a client who was a little nervous about how her 9-month-old retriever would react to this.

According to her, her dog was known to be very wild and dominating.

But while she was using this clipper, her didn’t fight her or show any form of aggression.

It’s quiet, and got the job done extremely well! I highly recommend this one!

Features of the Turn Raise dog grooming clippers

  • Light Weight- 0.25lb lightweight and less than 70db.
  • Low Noise-  Perfect dog shaver that can ensure a whisper-quiet operation and a stress-free grooming experience.
  • Very safe and sharp- Comes with a safety blade design that makes it possible that the dog clipper won’t clamp dog hairs or hurt your dog’s skin. The ceramic blade used, will never get rusty and high carbon precision-ground steel blades can keep sharp for a long time.
  • Comes in a rechargeable cordless design- Cordless rechargeable battery operation for convenient use anywhere. This pet trimmer comes with the changer, 3 hours quick charging for 2 hours use.
  • Will do well in small areas hair cut- 0.5-inch removable ceramic blade design.- This is an ideal professional dog hair clipper for cutting the hair of small areas, like the face, eyes, ears, paws, and around hips of dogs.
  • Detachable and washable- The top of the dog clipper can be detached to wash, convenient to clean, full-body washing. Note this: The whole body of this clipper is waterproof, you can wash it with water, but ensure that you do not soak the clippers in the water.

Possible downsides

This clipper was surprisingly quiet, it fits in my hand very nicely.

The only possible downside( which really isn’t an issue) was the on-off switch. It was a little bit hard to turn back off- The switch was kind of tight, and this made the clippers to get choked easily.

For the price I’d say it’s worth it.

I got another though, and it was all good!!

Overall, this is a good purchase

Where to buy from

The best place to get this grooming isn’t from any other pet store – Online and offline, but Amazon.

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Here you have it- The best dog paw hair trimmer every dog ownersand groomer should own!

Tips for Using Pet Clippers

The following instructions are tips for using pet clippers and should be taken seriously;

1. Please, get your dog clean before grooming.- Ensure that there are no sand, no dirts, no knots on the hair. This will make your dog(s) feel more comfortable during the grooming process and the grooming work easier for you.

2. Whenever you clean the blades with water, ensure that you get them dried up also add some oil to the blade.- This helps the clipper maintain its best performance.

4. If clipper gets hot after a long period of use, give it a break for 10 minutes after working for one hour or above.

5. Do not overcharge the clipper for a long time,- This can reduce the battery life and also cause the battery to heat up.

6. In charging, use the original USB charging cable for charging. Do not use fast charge technology (9V), otherwise it will cause charging failure and even burn the machine.

WhyDo You Need to Trim the Hairs Around Your Dog’s Paws?

1. Too much hairs on your dog’s paw will help in the production and attachment of bacteria.- Also, too much claw hair can also help bacteria hide and harm the health of dogs.

2. Dogs walk on their paw.- If the dog’s claw hair is too long, the dog’s claw hair will cover the dog’s paw and cause the dog to slip whwn/while running.

3. To keep your dog looking well-groomed and neat,

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