Best Dog Harness for Swimming

Want to get the best dog harness for swimming? You should be thankful fr stumbling on this article.

Just like humans, dogs love to swim too.

I stay in an environment surrounded by water and I ensured my dog- every one of them knew how to swim.

Teaching your dog to swim comes with a lot of work, but one thing that will help even after teaching them to swim is a harness.

In my search for the perfect harness for swimming, I made lots of mistakes before I finally found the best dog harness for swimming

In this article, I shall be listing out the very best dog harness for swimming.

Best Dog Harness for Swimming

Below is a list of the very best dog harness that can be used whenever you take your dog(s) out for swimming.

They include;

1. King Pup Dog Life Jacket

I like this swimming vest very much.

I have tried it in the water and all I can say is; Its a very nice swimming jacket.

Regarding the fit, my Cocker Spaniel is 27 pounds with a chest size of 23″ so I ordered the Large size.

The chest of the swimming jacket fits well on her.

The colours are nice and otherwise fits her.

Like others have said, this vest RUNS SMALL!

I love the American flag and this was the only jacket with the American Flag vest I could find!

I’m very glad to have it and look forward to many fun boat rides with her.

Features of this Swimming Jacket

  • Coms with unique stars and stripes pattern that will make your puppy/dog look stylish in addition to being safe.
  • Very comfortable and fit- Do well to check their size chart in the pictures and measure your dog for a confident fit.
  • The jacket’s extra padding provides great buoyancy and comfort for your dog when he/she swims.
  • The jacket comes with an extra floaty on the front helps to keep the dog’s head above water.
  • It is very buoyant – a must-have for any puppy or dog when taking them in a lake, or ocean or water activities. If your dog is a regular water dog or jumping in for their first doggy paddle, this jacket will help them swim further and have fun longer.
  • Easy to pick-up: The handle at the top makes it easy to grab your pup with your hand or a boat hook.
  • Comes with a Reflective stripe to create visibility at night or in dark places. 
  • Very convenient
  • Easy to clean- Cleaning the life jacket is effortless – simply run it through the washing machine!
  • Value for money
  • Affordable

What I love about this Swimming Jacket

I was also looking out for a jacket for my Aussie.

This jacket was actually my 3rd attempt to find my Aussie a life jacket.

As far as sizing, my boy is only 55 lbs and I had the get him an XL!

He’s not an extra-large dog by any means lol.

But that seems to be the norm for life jacket sizing because I got him a MED, and LG and both were too small.

This jacket has been great (so far), he’s only worn it about thrice.

The chest part of the jacket is a little big but the velcro and buckle hold it tight.

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I did notice the first time the blue dye was running but it hasn’t faded or stained.

Possible downsides

So far, I’ve got no issues with this swimming jacket.

Whee to buy from

This best lace too bu this swimming jacket from remains Amazon.- They’ve got this swimming jacket at the best price ever!!


2. KOESON Dog Life Jacket

This is one swimming jacket that I totally love.- A very super and beautiful swimming life jacket.

The swimming jacket was well made and excellent for pet safety!

Features of this Swimming Jacket

  • Durable
  • Strong Handle- This Dog Life Jacket uses a classic back handle design, which is strong and durable.
  • This handle can bear the weight of a larger dog.
  • Adjustable Chest and comes with an Abdomen Belt- This jacket uses a convenient adjustable Chest and Abdomen Belt, which can be adjusted to the size and tightness of your dog’s body size.
  • Comes in a beautiful mermaid pattern design- This Dog Swimming Vest uses fashion and beautiful pink shark pattern, which can make your lovely dog look like a cute mermaid and is fit for Beach, Pool, Boating, Lake, Swimming, Hunting, Surfing.
  •  Easy washing and storage method- The Dog Life Jacket can be washed directly in cold water with hands; to be dried in a volume vent;
  • The material used in the production of this swimming jacket is soft and easy to fold, which can be placed in the wardrobe.
  • Size and Color Notes- This Dog Swimming Vest comes in two (2) colours (Grey/Pink); with 4 sizes(S/M/L/XL)
  • Affordable
  • Value for money


Please check the size chart in the side picture before purchasing. If you have any question about the size, please feel free to contact the manufacturers.

What I love about this Swimming Jacket

Absolutely love this life jacket for our beloved dog!

Really well-made, seems like it works perfectly, and our dog is swimming just as well if not better than he did before we bought this.

Plus the cute shark fin is a great feature.

Everyone takes notice! I am both thoroughly impressed with this product and very grateful for it.

It helps keep my dog safe, and that’s the most important thing here.

Possible downsides

There are no downsides to this swimming jacket.

The velcro and the snaps help to ensure a snug and secure fit.

The handle on the back of this swimming jacket makes it convenient to pull the dog out of the water and into the boat.

My dog was so adorable swimming around with a swimming jacket with a shark fin and hanging out on the front of the kayak that strangers were taking pictures/photographs of him.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this swimming jacket from is Amazon

I got mine there and it was delivered to my doorstep the next day.


3. Ripstop Pet Floatation Life Vest

I love this swimming(life) jacket.

It’s super cute and does its job very well.

My dogs also don’t seem to mind wearing it.

My shepherd puppy fell between floating docks and a concrete wall and a friend of mine was able to grab her right away with the help of the handle on her back.

If she’d had on a jacket with no handle or no jacket at all, I know he wouldn’t have been able to get her.

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I’m very concerned about my kids AND my dog always wearing life jackets whenever I get them around water for this reason.

This swimming jacket was made of good quality and sold at a very reasonable price.

Features of this Swimming Jacket

  • Comes with a ripstop
  • Made of a durable fabric- High-grade polyester oxford and nylon fabric, mesh fabric, pearl cotton foam. The oxford nylon fabric is ripstop, and the mesh fibre allows for quick drying and proper drainage.
  • Multipurpose
  • Comes in different sizes — Available in 3 sizes, ranging from S to L. Please kindly refer to the HOW TO MEASURE & SIZE CHART illustration in the product pictures to get the right size for your beloved dog.
  • Comes in a unique mermaid and shark style — Comes in 3 types of life jackets, 2 in shark style, another one in mermaid style.  This swimming jacket will definitely make your dog become the star while swimming, walking and other water-based activities, the fish scales will catch the eyes.
  • Perfect for pool parties, trips to the beach or on the boat.
  • Adjustable- This swimming jacket comes with an adjustable belt and quick-release buckles that will make your dog fit comfortably
  • Very safe to use—, easy to put on and take off. Handle on top for quick and easy grabbing.
  • Comes with a Heavy-duty D-ring Hook that is perfect for a dog leash and a Convenient top grab handle for easy rescues by hand or boat hook.
  • Value for money
  • Affordable

What I love about this Swimming Jacket

I sincerely love everything about this swimming jacket.

I love the fact that this jacket makes my dog feel so confident while learning to swim,

It is also very cute.

I bought a size up for one of my puppies,  so he would have some growing room.

Possible downsides

The only thing that I could complain about this swimming jacket is that when the fin gets super wet it droops to the side, but that’s not a big deal to me because the product gets the job done.

Where to buy from

The best place to but this swimming jacket is from Amazon.

I got mine from there and I was so happy I did so.


4. Carhartt Quick Duck Jac Water-Resistant Jacket for Dogs

This dog swimming life jacket works great for my labrador who’s an excessive swimmer.

He weighs about 80lbs and ordered the L.

It fits great with enough room to use on our 85 lbs.

The handle of this swimming jacket seems sturdy.- I’ve tried picking him up by it and it has always held up.

A very amazing feature of this swimming jacket I find interesting is the fact that it is super adorable.

Features of this Swimming Jacket

  • Durable- Made of Rugged 500-denier nylon micro-ripstop shell
  • Lightweight
  • Micro-fleece lining
  • Rain Defender durable water repellent (DWR) keeps dogs dry and moving in light rain
  • Carhartt-strong, triple-stitched main seams
  • Reflective piping and tape for extra visibility
  • Super cute design
  • Comes with adjustable velcro and buckle around the waist and the neck and also buckles in both places, the buckles are adjustable.- You can either  tighten or loosen as much as you need
  • Portable 
  • Comes with a safety handle- This Swimming jacket comes with a safety handle on top of the dog lifejackets, to lift the dog in or out of the water easily
  • Easy to dry- Comes with an advanced breathable mesh underbelly for proper draining and drying
  • Easy to clean
  • Dog life jacket fit for Beach, Pool, Boating, Lake, Swimming, Hunting, Surfing
  • Affordable 
  • Value for money 
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What I love about this Swiming Jacket

I love everything about this swimming jacket.

It has actually saved my dog from drowning countless times and I am very happy with the purchase.

I’d not hesitate to recommend to anyone in search of a quality swimming jacket

Possible downsides

None noticed so far.- Over eight (8) months.

I am happy with this purchase.

Where to buy this Swimming Jacket 

The best place to get this swimming jacket still remains Amazon.- They’ve got this swimming jacket at the best price.

They’ve also got amazing customer care service and powerful delivery service.


5. Outward Hound Granby Splash Orange Dog Life Jacket

This is a great lifejacket!

I ordered this particular swimming life jacket for my mini long-haired dachshund, who is always trying hard but is not a strong swimmer.

She’s able to stay afloat with this swimming vest (I’m still working on keeping her head above water, but the neckpiece on this vest helps a lot).

I ordered a size small.

For reference, she is only about 9 pounds (which is in range for size XS), but all of his measurements put him in the Small range.

I was a bit worried it would be too big, but she fits (almost) perfectly in the small since the straps cinch him in.

It’s a little big in the back, but she’s still young and coming up, so she’s got room to grow.

Features of this Swimming Jacket

  • Comes with sizing based on girth
  • This swimming jacket is available in all sizes
  • Comes in bright colours and reflective accents to provide better visibility while swimming.
  • Comes with front float support that helps keep your dog’s head above water.
  • Perfect for they’re a novice or experienced swimmer.
  • Comes in a multi-handle design- This Dual grab handle provides easy access to rescue and restraint dog while swimming or on land.
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Value for money

Tip for those interested in getting this;

XX-Small 11-14″ Girth, up to 11lbs
X Small 15-19″, 11-18lbs
Small 19-24″, 15-25lbs
Medium 22-29″, 20-50lbs
Large 26-35″, 40-70lbs
X Large 31-42″, 70-90lbs

What I love about this Swimming Jacket

This product was tested to the limits during a holiday with us around the North Wales coast.

Numerous Dunkin’s of the dog in rough seas and she stayed with her head above water.

I’ve had this life jacket before and I trust it fully.

A good buy

Possible downsides


The issue a lot of people have is the issue of sizing.

To avoid this issue, make sure you look at the size list above to get the perfect size fo your dog.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this swimming jacket is from Amazon.- They’ve got this product at the best price.

Theyé also got wonderful customer care and delivery service.



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