Best Dog Harness for Pulling German Shepherd

If you’re looking out for the best dog harness for pulling german shepherd, then this article is for you.

As a dog owner, handler and veterinarian, I’ve had the opportunity to train over one thousand five hundred (1500) dogs.

I’ve got over three (3) decade of dog handling and I can actually tell you the most reliable and best dog harness for pulling german shepherd.

The German shepherd dog is an exceptionally brilliant dog breed used by both the military and police to assist them in carrying to their jobs effectively.

When walking an untrained German shepherd dog, there’s a huge tendency that you’ll get pulled!

But is that the only reason to get a strong harness for your German shepherd? No!!

Even if you’ve got a trained German shepherd that could walk on a leash, hell, and walk without a leash, you still need a strong and beautiful leash for your German shepherd.

There are some people out there who think that because this item is called “no pull,” that means your dog will magically become a docile, pace walking zombie. Not the case, if your dog isn’t properly leash trained, there’s nothing humane you can buy to change that. This harness does give you control in emergency situations. I’ve already stopped multiple fights with the strap on the back. I have a German Shepherd and two Pit Bulls, I purchased one for each of them. If you have big dogs, THAT ARE ALREADY LEASH TRAINED, this harness is the best.

In this article, I shall be listing out the best dog harness for pulling german shepherd that every German shepherd dog owner should have.

Best Dog Harness for Pulling German Shepherd

Below are the best and strongest harnesses to get for your pulling German shepherd dog.

So, If you’ve got one, do not hesitate to give any of these a try.

They include;


This is an outstanding dog no-pull harness.

This vest is well made and a great value for the money.

I am pleased with this purchase.

It is adjustable and will fit my boys as they grow.

The harness also has a lot of places for Velcro patches.

Features of this Dog Harness

  • Made of high-quality materials with neat stitching and soft padded lining to prevent chafing for your dog’s skin and hair with a comfortable fit.
  • The top handle of this special k9 tactical harness will redirect the dog forward motion and make the dog’s leg off the ground, the military dog vest allows you to control the puller with little effort and training your dog to walk beside you.
  • Comes with an adjustable strap with 4 quick release buckle, on the backside of this molle dog vest/in training dog vest has molle system magic sticker ID panel, use of attaching other small equipment or pouches and water bottles or food snacks, and placed for patches.
  • The top of the german shepherd dog vest has a metal V-shaped buckle, can be attached to a dog leash to keep your animal close and have more control.
  • Durable – Made of durable 1000D Nylon Material
  • 3 sizes 5 colours available, please e ensure that you follow the size chart (refer to the picture of the size) to measure your dog carefully before you place the order to ensure the harness is fit well to your dog.
  • Please note that there is just one patch that comes with this dog harness at random, not the fixed “Service Dog” or “Therapy dog”. If you need the specific one, please purchase separately in our shop
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to clean
  • 100% Quality Warranty- If you encounter any problem while using, never hesitate to send an email to the manufacturers and they will make it all right for you.

What I love about this Harness

I love this Harness!

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I also love the fact that it was shipped faster than expected (plus), and fits my German shepherd perfectly!

I followed the sizing chart and I am very happy with my purchase.

I also got some for a Disabled Veteran friend who needs a service vest that his dog likes- Which was very important to him.

He put it on Colt (service animal) and his dog seemed to not mind the new vest.

He decided to take a trip and see how his dog would react to it and it did great.

The vest doesn’t seem to pinch or pull hair.

He’s got a German shepherd dog and a Stafford-Shire Terrier/Siberian Husky mix, that’s about 50lbs and 70lbs respectively and this vest looks and works great.

It comes with a Molly system that will be great for adding sacks when hiking and plenty of velcro and room for patches.

Would definitely order from this seller again and recommend it.

Possible downsides


Where to buy from

The best place to buy this harness is from Amazon.- They’ve got this harness at the best price ever.

Delivery was amazing too


2. EXPAWLORER Big Dog Harness Soft Reflective No Pull Vest

This harness does give you control in emergency situations.

I’ve already stopped multiple fights with the strap on the back.

I have a German Shepherd and two Pit Bulls, I purchased one for each of them.

If you have big dogs, THAT ARE ALREADY LEASH TRAINED, this harness is the best.

Features of this No-Pull Vest

  • An exceptional harness.
  • Comes with great security features
  • Comes with a double control – A strong rubber ring designed above the dog harness to allow for more direct and effective control before your dog is out of control, or you can be connected a leash with the metal D ring so that the dog can have some space for walking.
  • Sturdiness
  • Durable
  • Comfort
  • Comes with a nighttime reflective tape that helps to confirm your pet’s position during nighttime activities making it safer and more secure.
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to wear and adjust
  • Affordable
  • Value for money
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What I love about this Harness

I purchased this for my adopted 75lb German shepherd boy.

He is a puller and stubborn as all get out.

It’s like trying to walk a brick wall when it’s time for walkies.

I absolutely will not use a prong collar on him and martingale style collars don’t faze him so my best bet to save his neck was to find a harness that fits his girth well.

Most untrained German shepherds have a notoriously huge chest in front and they are underbelly.

I had also previously used a kong harness on him but the fit was always off.

It would twist on him while walking so it was basically useless and he finally outgrew it when he filled it out.

After much research, I took a chance on the Big Dog No Pull Harness and it was an immediate change in his behaviour.

He doesn’t mind being buckled into this harness because it only has a neck hole and then the large strap across the underbelly girth that buckles him into it.

He kind of prances now when we walk. It’s cute.

I’ll take that over him dragging me across the park and sore arms any day.

I think it lets him feel like he’s walking with me off-leash, even though he’s securely in his new harness.

I love the handle. I LOVE THE HANDLE!

We have feral kitties in our park so when he spots one I can easily grab the handle and redirect him and he responds to the redirection.

I’m ordering a second one for my other boxer that’s slightly smaller just so I won’t have to readjust every time we walk them.

So if you have a big dog that’s a puller, don’t even hesitate to get this harness.

The price and quality cannot be beaten.

Possible downsides


Where to buy from

The best place to buy this Harness is from Amazon.- You’ll get this harness at the best price ever!


3. WALKTOFINE Comfortable Harness

This one works amazingly well.

If you have a dog that pulls very hard, this is one harness for you.

I dog sit my neighbours two dogs on several occasions.

I hated to take them out for walks because they pulled so badly on their regular dog collars and leashes.

It was a painful experience taking these dogs for a walk!

So, for 2020 XMAS, I bought each of them one of these harnesses and the harness works like magic.

With a leash attached to the front chest of the harness, the dogs are jerked to the side and backwards if they pull with any strength.

They both hate that the leash reinforces the need for them to walk at a more leisurely pace.

Now, walking these two dogs is easier and more relaxing – What a wonderful difference.
If you have a dog that won’t stop pulling TRY THIS HARNESS!

Features of this Harness

  • EXTRA LARGE DOG HARNESS: Suit for NECK GIRTH: 19″-31″, CHEST GIRTH: 20″-39″of dogs.If you hesitate, please contact us and we will give you the best size solution to choose. Recommended Breeds: Large Dogs, such as Anatolian Shepherd, Newfoundland, Labrador, Alaska, German Shepherd, Large Bulldog, etc. Make your puppy stand out with this Classic Grey Harness!
  • Easy to use
  • Fully adjustable- Comes with 4 easy Adjusting Straps around the body,5s ease using, putting on and taking off. You can use its 2 straps and 2 chest straps to create a Perfect Fitting for your dog with some room available for growth.
  • Comfortable
  • Safe for use on not only the German shepherd dog breed but any other dog breed
  • Made in a comfortable design
  • This harness comes with super bright reflective straps that ensure a safe walk both day and night.
  • Sturdy
  • With this harness, No more pull and No more choke.
  • It’s an Anti-Pulling Dog Harness with 2 zinc-alloy rings on the dog’s chest and bacK are for securing leash attachment, which allows you to walk your dogs conveniently.
  • Perfect for dog training.
  • Great for casual walks, jogging, hiking, etc. 
  • With this harness, no more worries about slipping out or choking.
  • Durability
  • Value for money


Please ensure that you measure your dog’s chest circumference at the same location as the picture shown on the left. 

If you are not satisfied with the harness within 30 days, your money can be refunded 100%.

What I love about this Harness

This is a good looking, durable and sturdy harness.

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The harness material perhaps doesn’t stretch as much as some of my previous harnesses, but it is definitely comfortable.

The harness portion that goes under my GSD’s arms is padded.

I wanted to be sure that it didn’t hurt my dogs especially when they are going through their stubbornness tantrum while returning and I have to pull them home.

Also, the strap adjustments of this harness ensure that the harness has a good grip while leaving some breathing space.

I haven’t had a chance to try the reflector strip on this harness. But their shininess was noticeable.- It was the first thing I noticed when I took the harness out of the box.

I am sure this will come in handy in winter.

All in all, this is a good harness.

I definitely think it’s quite superior to many other harnesses that I checked out at local pet stores for almost half the price.

This is a good buy.

Possible downsides

None at all!
Although I wasn’t happy with the delivery.
I ordered two (2) size medium collars for my German shepherd dogs.
When they came in, one was small and the other was medium.
I double-checked to be sure I ordered two mediums and I did.- I was right!
I found that the collars chest and back pieces are the same sizes on both small and medium.
I contacted the manufacturers and they changed it almost immediately.

Where to buy this from

The best place to buy this harness is Amazon.- That’s the best place to get this at the best and most affordable price.



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