Best Dog Bowls for French Bulldogs

Best Dog Bowls for French Bulldogs

In today’s post, we shall be looking at the best dog bowls for french bulldogs that french bulldog owners can choose from.

Thes dog bowls have been tested by us, recommended by top french bulldog breeders, and veterinarians all over the world.

I breed French bulldogs and currently, I own ten french bulldogs, and I can confidently tell you that the list you will be getting is nothing but the very best dog bowls for french bulldogs.

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Specialized Bowls

From my experience, the elevated dog bowls are the best dog bowls for french bulldogs. 

The specialized bowls are specially designed dog food bowls that make feeding your Frenchie easy and comfortable.

These elevated dog food feeders are a Table-like platform that enables our french bulldogs to enjoy comfortable feeding.

What to look out for in a Dog Bowl

In looking out for the best dog bowls for french bulldogs, there should be certain qualities that each should have.

The following features should be considered when looking out for the best dog bowls for french bulldogs

It should;

  1. Reduce strain on the neck
  2. Encourage effective digestion
  3. Rust resistant
  4. Easy to clean
  5. Easy to store
  6. Portable – Easy to transport
  7. No skidding/no tripping
  8. Ideal for all life stages

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List of Best Dog Bowls for French Bulldogs

1. EXPAWLORER Raised Pet Bowls for Cat and Dog

While I was looking out for the best dog bowls for french bulldogs, I went with the elevated dog food bowls. – I knew that it’ll make the drinking and eating process easier for them, even as they are getting older.

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I took out time to observe the bowl before I ordered it. – It’s indeed a great one.

I really like that one has the choice of adjusting the bowl’s height in four ways.

The stainless steel bowls are easy to wash/clean and the bamboo design looks dazzling neat and elegant.

I adjusted the height to the second-last setting.

The raised bowls also help them drink and eat more comfortably, and more importantly improve their posture. 

So far, this bowl is one bowl they love and has been of immense help to them.

What I love about this product

  • Adjustable with a W-shaped Design
  • Can be adjusted to four (4) heights
  • Suitable for dogs from puppyhood to adulthood.
  • Inclined Bowl Holder- can go a 15-degree tilt angle. which can help in improving digestion effectively and also in reducing neck, and joint pressure for your french bulldog
  • Easily detachable
  • Easily set up without any tools
  • Made of natural bamboo 
  • Comes with a complimentary bowl mat – free of charge, which can prevent the bowl from skidding as well as provide protection for flooring surface.
  • Rust-free
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Quality
  • Value for money

Possible downsides

No one should have anything negative to say about this product.- Except you got it for a large breed.

Where to buy from

Purchasing this product from Amazon is the best thing to do

2. FUKUMARU Elevated Cat Ceramic Bowls

Believe me, this is a very special bowl for any french bulldog

I purchased it for my recently adopted french bulldog(Linda). – Decided to get one bowl for all my french bulldogs.

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Linda had a hard time with her previous owners, so I wanted her to get the best treatment ever. 

I didn’t want her straining her neck or bending down to eat her meals; So, I got her FUKUMARU Elevated Cat Ceramic Bowls. – This bowl really helped her.

The bowl is a great size for her. – I sometimes it to serve her siblings and they all love it.

I give them one (1) cup at a time three (3) times a day, and that fits perfectly into this bowl.

The bowls are also made of ceramic so that makes it easy to clean.

Whenever I prepare Linda some homemade food, I heat it up directly in her bowl. – Which makes it multipurpose

Some features of this product

  • The 15° tilted Elevated bowl reduces the strain when leaning their bodies, which helps to avoid future problems in the spine and digestive system. Pets with arthritis, neck or back problems find it a relief to eat from a raised feeder
  • No-slip
  • No mess – A good choice for messy eaters
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Made of ceramic
  • Sturdy
  • Microwave safe
  • Multipurpose – Can be used for both dogs and cats
  • Affordable
  • Value for money

Possible downsides

None so far. – It’s a great bowl and I will recommend it to any and every french bulldog owner

Where to buy from

Amazon of course – You won’t find this affordable elsewhere.

3. X-ZONE PET Raised Pet Bowls 

I got to know about this bowl while I was looking for elevated dog bowls for my 8lg and 12lb French bulldog.- I needed one with the ability to slant and I am glad I came across this.

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I immediately purchased the smaller option which is about 4” to 4.5”.

This bowl is just perfect for both of them.

Assembly was easy I didn’t even have to look at the instructions.

The dog bowls are sure to hold maybe two (2) cups of dog food – But not when slant.

Overall, I am so happy with this purchase.

I’ll recommend it to anyone in need of the best dog bowls for french bulldogs.

Why I love this product

  • Stable
  • Anti-Skid
  • Made from Natural high-quality bamboo
  • Provides protection for your floors
  • Swallowing Easily – The elevated dog dish provides ease of access to food and water.
  • Reduces bloating and neck strain in dogs.
  • Aids digestion
  • Easy To Clean 
  • Grows up with your dog – Adjustable pet bowl 
  • Bamboo Feeder
  • The strong fiber material is high-strength,
  • High tensile strength
  • Good elasticity, and low density.
  • Comes with a special delicate fragrance
  • Quality
  • Value for money

Possible downsides

None at all! – Your lovely dog will love this bowl, and will really enjoy meals at any time.

Where to buy from

Do not but this bowl from any other pet shop – Online or offline

Amazon is the best place.


The above are the best dog bowls for french bulldogs – You don’t need to look out for any other dog bowls.

With the above listed, you are good to go and your Frenchies are definitely going to love them!!

Get yourself one of these and you’ll be glad you did.


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