Best Cleaner for Dog Urine on Hardwood Floors

Are you looking for the best cleaner for dog urine on hardwood floors? If yes, then you are in the best place.

I’ve had a series of calls and messages from readers, clients, and customers to list out the very Best Enzyme Cleaner for Dog Urine which I use.

As a veterinarian, it is my duty to ensure that pet owners get the best of pet products. -In this post, I shall be listing the best cleaner for dog urine on hardwood floors

Note: These products have been tested by myself and I can tell you that they are trusted.

Luckily for me, I have had experience with the very best of them.

I have always been a lover of quality and that is why I always give my clients and readers nothing but the best.

I will be listing the most amazing and best cleaner for dog urine on hardwood floors that dog owners can use in getting rid of dog urine odor and stains on their hardwood flooring.

Best cleaner for dog urine on hardwood floors

1. Simple Solution Hardfloor Pet Stain & Odor Remover

The Simple Solution Hardfloor Pet Stain & Odor Remover is absolutely amazing!!

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After a series of research and consultation, I came across this wonderful product. – Read the reviews and saw that thousands were satisfied with it.

I tried not to believe the reviews there – Spent a lot of money buying.

Tried it anyways and I got amazing results.

I recently got 6 lovely toy breeds(miniatures) – 2 Shih Tzu, 2 Lhasa Apso, and 2 Bichon Frise.

I needed them inside the house as I always felt alone. – Suddenly, four of them, for some reason started peeing on my hardwood floor.

I started out by cleaning the affected area with baking soda, it didn’t work as the smell was still there. – Never tried vinegar.

I ordered the Simple Solution Hardfloor Pet Stain & Odor Remover product and after a few applications, on the affected area, the smell was gone!! – I’d say it was a Magic

Currently taking my dog on some potty training.

This is a must for every dog owner and lover!!

What I love about this product

  • It was specially designed for hard surfaces
  • Perfect hardwood pet stain remover
  • Works on stone floors
  • Works on stone floors
  • Works on vinyl floors
  • Works on bricks, marbles, and concrete, etc
  • Eliminates dog stains and odors on Hard Surfaces also  helps in preventing repeated marking

Possible downsides

So far, there hasn’t been any reason for regrets.

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To some, It might be a little more expensive than the regular Simple Solution spray, but trust me, it works like magic.

I would have saved a lot of my time and money(over one thousand dollars) if I had seen this wonderful product earlier.

I always order for another before one finishes.

Where to buy from

Trust me when I say there isn’t any better place than Amazon.

They’ve it at the best price ever and their customer services are top-notch.


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Best enzyme cleaner for dog urine on hardwood floor

From my personal experience, the best enzyme cleaner for the urine on a hardwood floor is the Buddy’s Best, Pet Urine Odor Eliminator and Stain Remover

I have been using this product for over 7 months, and it’s been very effective in removing dog urine on my hardwood floor.

I will confidently recommend this product to dog owners with hardwood flooring.

What I love about the product

  • Powered by natural enzymes and probiotics
  • Powerful enzyme cleaner for hardwood floor products
  • Absorbs and eliminates any all kinds of odors, vomit, feces, drool, etc
  • A home odor solution
  • Great in removing urine odor from carpet
  • Highly effective
  • NOn-toxic
  • Works on a variety of surfaces
  • Amazing smell
  • Safe
  • Natural smell
  • Made in the USA
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Possible downsides

No regrets so far.

It’s been easy to use and also smells wonderful.

Got it for my hardwood and it has been eliminating dog urine odor on my hardwood effortlessly.

Works wonderfully in my dog’s playpen ( made of hardwood flooring) to eliminate urine odors or spills whenever he misses his pee pads.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product is from Amazon.

They seek at an incredibly affordable price.

Also, they’ve got top-notch customer service.


Best way to clean up dog urine on hardwood floor

Many commercial cleaning brands advertise (online and offline) products that are said to eradicate dog urine stains and odor from our hardwood flooring.
I have used over 20 of such brands, and I can confidently tell you that the products, as mentioned earlier, are simply the best cleaner for dog urine on hardwood floors.

Cautioning: Before attempting any other cleaning or odor removal product on your hardwood flooring, ensure that you test it on a subtle spot first, (for example, a corner or mat secured zone).


The above-mentioned products have been used, tested, nd trusted by myself and thousand all over the world.

I am sure you’ll be part of the new lovers of the brand too.

Dr. Jason Williams

Dr. Jason Williams has served the veterinary field for over 26 years. After graduating from the Prestigious University of California--Davis. He has practiced in both the large and small animal sectors. His experience with Animals is immeasurable. Dr. Jason has found pleasure helping pet owners find the best information they'll ever need for their pets(companion). He currently has 20 pets and is dedicated to sharing from his wealth of experience to pet owners all over the world.

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