Best Chew Proof Retractable Dog Leash

As a dog owner, having the best chew proof retractable dog leash is very essential.

I see lots of brands coming up with new and beautiful dog leashes every day.- Most of which are TRASH!!

As usual, I do not compromise when it comes to choosing a product for my dog.- They mean a lot to me.

I walk them every day.

Sometimes, I run a dog walking service and this also makes me be always on the lookout for leashes.

Some need a short leash, while others need a long one.

So, making use of a reliable dog leash is essential.

In my quest for a reliable dog leash, I have used over thirty-two (32) leashes and have spent $1000.

It took a long time to discover some of the very best chew proof retractable dog leashes.

In this article, I shall be listing them out.

Best Chew Proof Retractable Dog Leash

Below are some of the most durable retractable dog leashes in the World!!

They include;

1. Peteast Retractable Dog Leash

This leash is made perfectly for dogs who need some extra energy taken out of them without you having to go take a nap after.

Extremely sturdy.

Not your regular thin little cord dog owners are usually afraid would break if they pull too much.

It also has a nice thick band that will last forever.

Features of this Dog Leash

  • Comes with an upgraded safe reflective Stitching
  • Made up of a strong and durable nylon tape that can be extended to 16ft,
  • Also comes with stylish reflective seams that are a must-have to help you stand out in the dark and an essential to the safety of you and your dog
  • Comes with a one-hand brake/pause/lock button – This leash comes with a pause function that allows you to adjust the distance between you and your dog at any time.
  • Premium material used 
  • Comes with an anti-slip handle super which makes gives you a comfortable grip for long walks
  • The solid ABS plastic case is non-toxic and odourless, sturdy enough for a pet’s sudden pulling.
  • Comes with a portable bag dispenser with eco-friendly materials. 
  • Easy to lock
  • Durability
  • Lock Feature
  • Easy to use 


1. When retracting the belt, you must retract it towards the metal hook to avoid tangling.

2. When the belt is fully released, you need to manually assist in retracting the belt.

What I love about this Leash

I purchased this for my 105lb Dobermann Pinscher who isn’t easy to control and it’s always pulling like crazy.
It looks like we’ll make a leash.
The stop/go or pause button can be very easily locked and unlocked with a simple thumb sliding motion.
I had no problems with retraction even if the leash was fully extended.
I like the cute egg-shaped waste bag holder.
I don’t foresee this leash breaking any time soon, but I am sure would definitely purchase another in the distant future.

Possible downsides

So far, I’ve got no reason to regret getting this retractable leash.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this leash from is Amazon.- They’ve got this leash at the best price you could ever imagine.

2. SlowTon Retractable Dog Leash

Over the years, I have owned quite a few different retractable leashed.

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Most of the previous ones I have owned didn’t last very long and were of poor quality.

When this retractable leash arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by how heavy and well built this unit is.

The colour is outstanding and is very attractive.

I purchased my retractable leash from Amazon and I would highly recommend this seller.

I rarely do reviews on Amazon, but this product and seller deserve a 5-star rating.

Features of this Leash

  • Retractable Leash –16ft retractable cord leash providing your dog with more extensive freedom for dogs to wander, sniff, and poke around. With this leash, your dog(s) can be fully controlled and guided when being trained, walked and jogged.
  • Has an auto-stretch tracking tape could prevent being tangled, which is convenient to storage.
  • Ergonomic Design — comes with a reliable button brake with a lock that is flexible to adjust the length of the leash to stay the appropriate length you need.
  • Has an ergonomic handle grip design with an internal cozy cushion attached.
  • Made of durable materials
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to hold
  • Easy to lock
  • Corrosion-resistant ABS+TPE plastic case and environmental friendly sturdy polyester tape, and an internal stainless steel mechanism makes it flex smoothly and noiselessly, prevent from being stuck.
  • Wide Applicability — it’s suitable for any types of small and medium-size dogs, cats and small animals up to 50lb weight. Well-controlling of pets is available while walking, training, jogging in the open air.
  • Easy to use and operate 
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy

What I love about this Leash

This is a great leash so far!

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As soon as I took my dog out and saw my neighbour, the first thing he said was “dam that’s a long a** leash” lol.

That’s true tho the leash is long enough for my dog to wander off; yet enough control for me to wrap around my hand and bring her back.

My dogs love the leash.

Possible downsides

None at all!!

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this leash from is Amazon.- They’ve got this leash at the best price you could ever imagine.
I made intense research before I found this item.
I gave it as a gift to a friend of mine who said this was his first leash for his dog that has to hold the leash in his mouth!!!
His dog recently turned one (1) and he has gone through two (2) retractable leashes so far and the last one only lasted as long as it did because he sewed it back together multiple times.

Features of this Leash

  • Size- 16ft/5M, the load is 50kg/110lbs, the black wire rope is 15 inches (without hooks).
  • Chew Resistant 
  • Portable
  • Safety Reflective
  • No Longer Messy. Two 360° rotating hooks can magically avoid the drawbacks of the entanglement phenomenon that occurs when pets are walking around in traditional leashes.
  • Easy to Use and Quick to Organize. When you don’t need to use it, you can retract the rope with one click, you can check our vivid picture introduction for specific usage.

What I love about this Leash

This retractable leash is very well made and works like magic.

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My friend’s dog actually chewed on it and it holds up even with the chewing.

This leash has an ergonomic handle that is very comfortable to hold and easy to lock when necessary.

Would recommend this leash to anyone looking for a reliable leash

Possible downsides


Where to buy from

The best place to get this leash is Amazon.- They’ve got this leash at the best price ever.


4. KORIMEFA Retractable Dog Leash

I have over twelve other leashes that are much lighter (although not much less expensive) which I have been using for over a year.

I ordered one of these Korimefa and used it for a few months.

Honestly, this leash is one of the best leashes I have.

I’ve ordered a second one that I’ll send to my beloved friend Prof. Jenny to help in walking her dogs.

These leashes are one of the best and most comfortable leashes I’ve ever owned.

Would recommend this product.

Features of this Leash

  • Good choice for taking a dog out
  • Retractable dog leash c
  • Durable- Its durability can withstand daily use.
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a break and lock with one button
  • Comfortable design 
  • Safe for use
  • Comes with reflective nylon tape that is not only strong and durable but also keeps fast-moving cars away from you when walking at night.
  • Comes with a complimentary travel kit – The free bone-shaped dog poop dispenser, a roll of plastic garbage bags, and a travel water bowl.

What I love about this Leash

The lock-on leash is great for training a new dog/puppy.

Also gives your dog plenty of independence with the length.

Very sturdy and easy to use.

Possible downsides


Where to buy from

The best place to buy this leash from is Amazon.- They’ve got this leash at the best price you could ever imagine.


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