Best Books on Training Dogs

Best Books on Training Dogs

Last Updated on September 30, 2020 by Dr. Jason Williams

Looking for the best books on training dogs? This is for you.

As a veterinarian and a dog trainer, with decades of experiences owning and training various dog breeds, I have found the best books on training dogs for new dog/puppy owners, enthusiasts, and those thinking about buying a dog.

If you are a seasoned dog handler or trainer looking out to building more advanced skills, this article is specially made for you.

As we all know, dog breeds do not come with how-to guides or instructional manuals, but with this list of best books on training dogs from famous and renowned dog trainers and authors, you will definitely, and certainly be equipped in training, teaching, and bonding with your dog or puppy.

The best rottweiler training books on this list have helped thousands of rottweiler dog owners train their dogs over the years, and they are also some of the top-rated training books for dog owners and trainers on the internet for that reason.

Training your dog goes far beyond teaching him to sit, come, go, and stay

That is why we put together this amazing list of the very best books on training dogs for your unique dog and puppies.

List of Best Books on Training Dogs  

Trust me, and you will never regret getting any of these books.

We have researched, read, and practiced with so many different dog training books. – Trust me; we can differentiate books that are all fluff, bulky, and mere trash from those that can get recommended over and over for a good reason. 

There is no one size fits all when it comes to getting the best books on training dogs. 

We recommend different dog training books that have been used and trusted by professional dog handlers all over the world.- That should be bought by all dog owners- even if they have got a “perfect dog.” 

1. The Art of Raising a Puppy (Revised Edition)

This is one of the best guides for dog owners.

It covers a lot of areas from selecting a puppy,  bringing it to your home, understanding the growth of your puppy and it’s developmental stages.

It also covers one of the most important aspects of dog ownership which is how to understand your dog in a way that solidifies and maximizes your bond with your dog.

I bought this dog training book on audible and found it so captivating that I had to buy the hardcover edition to serve as a household reference.

2. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution: The Complete Guide to Raising the Perfect Pet with Love

Dogs have a lot to teach every of their owner about unconditional love, faithfulness, play, learning to enjoy the small things in life, cheerfulness, and not holding grudges.

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Dog owners also have a lot to teach their dogs, but how dog owners can learn to effectively and efficiently communicate and train their puppy without losing patience is an issue. – This is what this book will help you achieve

In this book, The renowned dog trainer – Zak George provides a well-detailed- not only humane way to train your dogs, but the best way and method that succeeds.

Here, he gives well-detailed, easy step-by-step dog training techniques that will not only train your dog but also the human as well.
I am happy I got this book and would definitely recommend this book to anyone( dog owner) with a puppy or adult dog who needs any form of training.

3. Dog Training 101: Step-by-Step Instructions for raising a happy well-behaved dog

Here, Kyra Sundance – The author makes successful dog training so simple that anyone and everyone can train their dogs themselves.

She covered some very important areas which include, teaching your dog to search the house for intruders when you enter, off-leash hiking, how to stop and get rid of lots of undesirable behaviors, and a whole lot more.

I am extremely impressed and please with her straight forward approach to dog training.

I will gladly recommend this book to anyone looking out for a good dog training book.

4. Cesar’s Rules: Your Way to Train a Well-Behaved Dog

I bought this book for a client of mine who got her first dog and wanted to train her dog herself.

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She had never had her own puppy/dog before and this book was instrumental in all of her training.

It changed her whole perspective on how unique human and canine relationships.

It also taught her how to build a relationship with her dog to her mutual benefit, not just to control him, but make him outstanding wherever he goes.

When she told me all this book thought her, I was so happy I got it.

5. Lucky Dog Lessons: Train Your Dog in 7 Days

There’s no way you’ll read this book and remain the same.

I chose this book for a friend of mine who a six-month-old Rottweiler named Hector.

She’s older and Hector is a bundle of energy.

She was beginning to think that she couldn’t handle Hector until I gave her this book written by Brandon McMillan and he taught her how to really enjoy Hector by training him to be a well-mannered puppy.

It’s was a lot of work, both on Hector’s part and her part, but Brandon made it so simple, down to earth, and easy to understand.

Brandon’s love for dogs was made visible on every page of this book.

I love this book and will recommend it to any rottweiler dog owner!!

The above books have been read, practiced, and trusted to be the best books on training dogs

They are indeed the best books on training dogs any dog owner should have.

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