Best Bones for English Bulldogs

One must understand they are quite different from Best Dental Treats for English Bulldogs and Best Toys for English Bulldog Puppies in looking out for the best bones for English bulldogs.

Although they can very similar in functions, they are not the same.

In choosing the best bones for English bulldogs, there are certain features I always look out for, and it’s amazing to find some of the best dog bones with such qualities.

As a veterinarian, my duty is to ensure that every dog owner gets the best of pet products – That is why I decided to come up with this list of best bones for English bulldogs.

Best Bone for English Bulldogs

Pet Qwerks Extreme Dinosaur BarkBone Dog Chew Toy is recommended as the best bone for English bulldogs. It is made for extremely aggressive chewers to discourage extremely destructive behaviors. Shaped like a bone and infused with a bacon flavor, it is loved by many English bulldogs. 

Pet Qwerks Extreme Dinosaur BarkBone Dog ChewOpens in a new tab.

Oh, my goodness!! These were the exact words my wife shouted when she found out how my dog loved this toy.

It’s very durable, and my wife had to check with a veterinary friend, and she said these were great for dogs –  Especially those avid chewers who love to chew on almost everything.

My dog destroys all chew toys given to him very quickly, except this one and some of the toys listed here.

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My English bulldogs went nuts for this.

They carry it all around the house. – They’ve even tried to bring it to bed.

We had to hide it on the dresser, yet she got up and grabbed it.

I will recommend this to anyone looking out for the best bones for English bulldogs.


  • Make your puppy happy to chew and play.
  • With this, they’ll never feel alone.
  • Keeps their teeth healthy
  • Safe to chew
  • Made of food-grade nylon
  • Non-toxic
  • Quality
  • Affordable
  • Value for money

Possible downsides

So far, I find nothing against this wonderful chew bone.

My dogs love; so do I.

Where to buy from

Do not buy from anywhere else except Amazon.- They’ve got this at the best price ever


Alternative Best Chew Bones for English Bulldogs

Here, I will be listing the two best chew bones for English bulldogs. – They include;

1. Dentleys Rawhide Stuffed Rolls Dog TreatOpens in a new tab.

My English bulldogs love these bones and chew them up in minutes.

They’re on the smaller side for them – As they weigh only about 15-18lbs.

They are quite small, so if you have a dog of about 25+ lbs, these chews may not be too satisfying.

These bones seem not to last that long but seem to be enjoyable for my dogs.

I got these bones for my four (4) months old English bulldogs; trust me, they have never had diarrhea after eating these. – Some of the reviews I read mentioned this as a side effect, but it could depend on the dog or how many bones your dogs are being given.

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For me, I only give my dogs one bone each day.

I recommend this bone for English bulldog owners.

One of my English bulldog puppies is a finicky eater, but she consistently loves these bones.

I think I have been purchasing them for him for over two (2) years.

She will eat these bones even when she rejects other treats, and they do help keep his teeth clean.

I also buy dental chew treat for English bulldogs alongside this.


  • Real sweet potato and duck flavor
  • Ideal for small and medium dogs and moderate chewers
  • Long-lasting chews
  • Helps to keep teeth clean too
  • 10 Count/5 In (12.7 cm) Each

Possible downsides

I haven’t discovered any downside to the chew bone ever since I started giving it to my French Bulldog. 

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product from is Amazon.



2. Dentleys Extra Tough 100% Beef Rawhide Rolls – 

My dogs love all the flavors of these chew treats.

Instead of giving them a whole “chew bone,” I always slice it up. – That provides plenty of treats.

You aren’t giving too much at once, but you can be generous with the slices.
I get about 13  or more slices per bone, depending on how thick or thin I cut.

I will gladly recommend this bone for anyone in need of the best bones for English bulldogs.


  • Contains (1) 6 Count Bag of Soup Bones Dog Treats
  • Savory
  • Long-lasting chews with a tender and meaty center
  • No meat by-products are used.
  • No artificial flavors
  • Perfect for large dogs
  • Very safe
  • Made with the world’s best ingredients
  • Made in the USA


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Possible downsides

I’m yet to find any reason for regret. None so far!- I am delighted I got this for my dog.

Where to buy from


The above mentioned are the best bones for English bulldogs and the best chew bones for English bulldogs any English bulldog owner should purchase.

What Type of Chews are There? 

There are two different categories of chews out there, which are;

  • Edible
  • Toys

For the sake of your dog’s health, you shouldn’t give your dog bones from your regular food, since they may splinter. Also, there are also cases of food poisoning for dogs since bacteria in these meals could cause problems in the gastrointestinal system of the dog. If problems like this arise, you would be spending more money in a Vet clinic – which I believe isn’t ideal. So despite their appealing looks, you shouldn’t be tempted to serve such bones to your dog. 

Edible chews could be bones, treats, and sticks, which dogs find to have an awesome taste but we humans don’t. The only downside to these edible chews is the fact that they might be over the budget should your dog start having a couple of them daily. 


There are several dog chew toys that also give hours of enjoyment, but your dog might prefer an edible chew, which is the reason we highlighted both choices. 


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