All You Must Know About a Dog Stroller and Dog Walker


When we talk about walking dogs, we always forget those who are actually doing the playmakers – those who are actually doing the walking.

A dog walker can also be called a dog stroller- They both have the same function and duties.

A dog stroller – simply put; A dog walker is someone whose duty is to visit the residence of dog owners, who have agreed to their terms and conditions, pick up their dogs, and move out for daily exercise.

When I talk about “dog stroller”, I am not talking about the items sold on Amazon but an Occupation!

This is a job and can be seen as an option for anyone who desires to be independent and are also lovers of animals.

Usually, dogs are walked by owners, guardians other family members who are familiar and in good terms with the dog, close relatives, or an animal behaviorist/trainer who knows how to get a dog to become used to them.

Walker/Dog Stroller
A dog lover walking her lovely dog

Who is a Dog Walker/Dog Stroller?

A dog walker is a person who walks dogs­­_ stroll with the dog either on a long or short journey or distance. – This is mostly done from the dog’s kennel to some other places and then return.

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There are lots of benefits attached to a distant walk with dogs, benefits include;

  • Exercise
  • Socialization, and
  • Companionship.

Equipment of a Dog Walker/Dog Stroller

A dog walker makes use of several tools in walking dogs, those thing includes;

  • The collar is tied around their neck region or harness, which is usually made of slaps of webbing that is fastened together using side buckles
  • A scooper for picking up poops during walks
  • Cans of water for hydration

Duties and of a Dog Walker/Dog Stroller

A dog walker has several responsibilities to make, and they include;

  • Provide exercise for the dog(s)
  • Check out the dog’s food and water supply
  • Notify owner of the dog the need to visit a veterinarian
  • Pick up and dispose of droppings that occur during the walk

Dog Walker/Dog Stroller’s Salary

Dog walking can be seen as a very lucrative job. Although it’s salary isn’t fixed. An average dog walker makes around $10 – $12 per hour.

Attributes of a Dog Walker/Dog Stroller

Primarily, a Dog Walker/Dog Stroller should exercise the dog(s) being walked.

  • They should be able to have complete charge over the dog, as they walk, anytime and anywhere.
  • They should be comfortable working with dog owners.
  • They should be able to schedule lots of schedules at a time.
  • Should have at least a common understanding of dog restraints and transportation.
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Reasons Why you Should Hire a Dog Walker/Dog Stroller

To help boost the health status of your dog.
Help to stimulate and socialize your dog
Helps in inculcating good behavior into your dog
Gives dog owners peace of mind as they won’t be scared of not giving their dogs the required exercise
Gives dog owners more time to be productive with other activities

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