The Nigeria Shepherd Dog [Ekuke]| facts about Ekuke

Nigeria shepherd dog-ekuke

The Nigerian Shepherd also known as Ekuke: The Nigerian Shepherd (Ekuke) is a breed of medium to large-sized working dog. Although, this breed true origin is yet to be recognised, it is assumed that, the breed originated in Nigeria. The breed’s officially recognized name is Nigerian Shepherd Dog in the English language (sometimes abbreviated as NSD ). The breed is also known as ([Local dog]-as many will call it, Ekuke, Nkita). The Nigeria. Shepherd is a relatively a very old breed of dog, with their origin yet to be known. As part of the Herding Group, Nigeria Shepherds are working dogs used mostly by hunters and farmers, because of their strength, intelligence, trainability, and obedience. Although, this breed has been highly neglected, it still posses powerful attribute which includes; disability assistance, search – and – rescue, police and military roles – if given the the opportunity, and even self tutoring. The Nigeria Shepherd is the most popular/known breed in Nigeria. It is also the oldest breed of dog in Nigeria(has been in existence before the almagamation of Nigeria) and one of the oldest dog breeds in Africa.

Other Names:
Nigerian shepherd dog

Common Nicknames:
Local dog

Origin: Nigeria

Litter size: 6–13(some, give birth to up to 15 pups)


•- Obedience: This breed is super obedient. They adhere to their owners even when they are trying to attack and the owner calls them to stop.

•- Powerful sniffer dog with high ability to track smells.- Always taken for hunting by hunters and farmers because of their ability to pick smells.

•- Extremely fast breed.

•- Good guard dog. Although, it will hesitate to bite. It will be bark to get you aware of the happenings in or around the environment. When with strangers, it will be barking around them to scare them.
-When an Ekuke is guarding a home do not pick anything in that environment that this dog is trying to protect, lest you end up being bitten or being chased. 🙂

•- This breed is loaded with higher and brighter vision more than most dog breeds- they can see far and near be it  day or night.

•- They are small eaters. Therefore, they are regarded as lesser food eaters – when compared to other breeds and easier to maintain: Unlike all other breeds such as, caucasian, boerboel, bull mastiff, Rottweiler….etc, this breed is easier to maintain. It doesn’t eat much.

•- Good for first time owners.

•- Naturally/Exceptionally skilled and very swift in hunting down preys.

•- Good with children.

•- Is the most intelligent dog on the list.

•- it’s a beautiful dog.

•- NSD(Ekuke) can be very unpresentable and unattractive, if malnourished or poorly cared for by the owners.


Male 11kg
Female 9.5kg


Male 40cm- 43cm
Female 37cm- 40cm

Coat: short and fine

Colour: all types

Life span: 10-17 years ( and most times above)

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Nigeria shepherd dog-ekuke


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  1. I am a dog lover and also have a female bull mastiff dog name botty.I love the site , I want to be a member so I can learn more as a potential breeder.

  2. I have a caucasian shepherd of 11 weeks old and it’s very active, tends to injure me(unknowingly) everytime we play, I’ll like to get a NSD as playmate, I need advise ?

  3. There’s no need for advice. You can get an NSD from any local market around you. but make sure that you train him/her to get the best from them.

    Also, for your caucasain, how old is he/she?

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