Accra Dog Walk 2019

20th July, 2019. Was a great day for Dog lovers in Accra, Ghana. This year’s dog walk-Accra dog walk 2019, was fully fun packed. As the event witnessed a massive turnout with over three hundred participants and about one thousand spectators.

The theme for this year’s walk-Accra dog walk 2019, was; Creating Awareness For Canine Family.

The Accra dog walk 2019 event was a joint effort of the breed clubs in Ghana which are as follows;

-German Shepherd Dog Club Of Ghana
-Rottweiler Club of Ghana
-Dobermann Club of Ghana
-Caucasian Shepherd Dog Club of Ghana
-Toy Dog Club of Ghana
and of course with support from Kennel Union of Ghana, the mother body of all the breed clubs in Ghana.

Venue for the event was: Osu Standard Chartered

Start time: 15:00 GMT
End Time: 18:00 GMT
The event had about 75 dogs of the following breeds; German Shepherd, Doberman, Great Dane, Caucasian, Cocker Spaniel, Poodle, Rottweiler, American Bull dog, boerboel, presa Canario any many more..

The event also had support from the following;
Samir Msaileb
Today’s Vet Show
Celebrity Pet Show

The Accra dog walk was indeed a great success. As dog owners, lovers, enthusiasts and breeders were seen relaxed and happy. With lots of experience and gifts to take back home.

See some photographs from the event below:

Accra dog walk 2019
German shepherd crew
Accra dog walk 2019
Some participants with the mastiff breed
Accra dog walk 2019
A participant with the great dane
Accra dog walk 2019
A participant with theTibetan Mastiff breed
Accra dog walk 2019
Photo of some participants relaxing….
Accra dog walk 2019
Tibetan and Caucasian chilling.
Accra dog walk 2019
Some lovely toy breeds.
Accra dog walk 2019
Accra dog walk 2019
A dog lover walking her lovely dog
Accra dog walk 2019
A lovely boerboel.

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