5 Best Strong Collars for Pitbulls that pull

Pitbull, a dog that brings strength to mind when mentioned. Pit bulls are much more on the big and aggressive side, evident in materials built up for them below.

Inevitably, a collar of durable quality and tensile strength is needed to handle such dogs. That’s what we have for you in the items below, best collars for you pit bull.

Worry no more about the drag stress or pull. It’s tensility outweighs the force.

Black Rhino – Comfort Collar Ultra Soft Neoprene


For the list, we kick off with this. Black Rhino gives you a two-way product for the pay of one, apart for its tensility or ability to handle an energetic dog; it also softly pads the neck area of your dog to avoid choke or strains.
Dog safety first.

Secondly, the black rhino comfort collar also is laced uptight. It could be used in wet areas, and it’s weatherproof. Your environment does not affect the efficiency of the collar.

To top it all off, the collar comes with a reflective colored material. It’s ideal for night walks and hikes.

The manufacturers of the Black Rhino comfort collar also promise to give back an astounding 100% refund if you’re not comfortable with their products, I doubt you would.

In our opinion, we say Black Rhino is an excellent product which you should try out. It is affordable and durable, purchase, and enjoys!


SIZING – Small 11″ – 15″ | Medium 14″ – 18″ | Large 19″ – 23″ | XL/XLarge 22″ – 26″ |Measure your dog’s neck with a tape measure at the preferred resting place for the collar. Always allow for adequate breathing room.

NEOPRENE PADDING – Give your dog the comfort he/she deserves. Each collar is lined with a soft neoprene padding that will protect your dog’s neck from irritation when being active. Don’t worry about odor or your dog playing in the water. Our neoprene easily dries and is odor resistant.

HEAVY-DUTY & LIGHTWEIGHT – Constructed for all breeds, the Comfort Collar intentionally maintains a lightweight design but is explicitly built with heavy-duty hardware that is tough enough to resist forces from the most energetic dogs.

REFLECTIVE STITCHING – Stay safe and be seen on your early morning and evening walks. runs, jogs, or hikes with your dog. Our collars have reflective stitching that reflects light and allows your pup to be seen more quickly.

QUALITY MATERIAL – The Comfort Collar is made from a material that was specifically chosen for its toughness and durability. It is guaranteed to withstand the outdoor elements and will resist the
forces of the most energetic, powerful, and playful dogs.


W&W Lifetime Stainless Steel Collar

This goes next for the checks. You might want to consider this in the queue of your choices. Why?
W&W is made of stainless steel, which is not only ideal for large dogs but also stylish.

It is a whole new rave or design to this chain collar pizzazz. Moving on, we cannot forget to touch on the resistivity of this collar to water and rush; tough inextensible steel does the trick.

Amongst all, the key features you should consider:-

• Stainless Steel material
Ideal for tough or fierce dogs, such as Pitbulls, German Shepherd

• Stylish Sleek design
The collars chain design helps give your dog a prestigious look; our dogs have to look good too.

• Comfortable Grip
W&W collar sure has your dog’s comfort in mind. As tough as the material is, it still grips weakly to the neck of the dog to ensure there are no strain lines on the neck of your pet.

Even users say:-

Kmal CoCo
“The chain is powerful, the dog with no discomfort, the chain is not heavy, no clipped hair, used for a few days.”

Works really well and is a powerful chain, unbroken for large dogs such as boxers, Nani says.

W&W lifetime collar offers you a 100% refund within 90 days if you find their product(s) faulting in any way. Splendid!

Bully’s Pitbull Collar

The collar with the highest cost price so far, bagging a lot of essential features too.
Billy’s Pitbull Collar is a reliable and tough collar specially made for Pitbulls. It could be used in training also, not forgetting the tough but soft material it’s made of.

Positive reviews keep coming on this one;

What do they offer? You might ask. Dive in.
Bully’s Pitbull collar is a nylon made collar, tough, tensile, and comfy. All in one!

Its stainless-steel parts are rustproof and highly metallic for higher durability and strength.
Additionally, the collar is washable and adjustable to many sizes. It has a range of sizes it can handle, a wide range. So, medium-sized, big sized is good to go. It still makes room for extra stretch for much bigger dogs.

A quick overview of the product

Package Weight: – 2.4 Ounces

Brand Name: – Bully’s

Color: – Orange

Size: – Medium-2 Inches Wide

Material: – Nylon

Washable: – Yes

Size: – Ranges from medium to extra-large.

Users say

“Our Rottie has gone through several lesser harnesses and collars. Not because he’s an uncontrollable beast, but simply stronger than lesser quality products. We went with a medium 1.5″ version for our 95lb Rottie. Right away the sturdy construction was apparent. Based on other posts we looked for any imperfections and found none. The double buckle and hole reinforcement should prevent tear-out as we experienced with single buckle collars. The last collar we had lasted about 2 weeks before searching for a new collar and finding Bully. It seemed expensive at first, but after thinking about how many other products we’ve bought and have failed, I wish I found Bully sooner. I would highly recommend Bully to anyone tiered of continually visiting the local pet store for a new collar.” – Craig Westley


Quick List information on the products discussed.

W&W Lifetime Stainless Steel

Dog Jewelry – Dog jewelry and dog collars keep getting more popular, but most are made for small wimpy dogs. The heavy-duty design of this collar will make your pitbull or large dog look even more badass!

Strong & Durable – Stainless steel is incredibly strong and will never rust or tarnish, making it the perfect material for a metal dog collar. Each dog collar is made of solid 316L stainless steel and has a polished finish.

Stylish Comfort – The wide Cuban chain looks excellent around your dog’s neck while remaining comfortable for hours of wear, and will not ruin your dog’s coat like many choke collars or prong collars that dig into the skin.

One Tigris Military Adjustable Collar


Want the perfect collar on a small budget?
Then this is the best for you, so many excellent features for that price makes it top-notch, a must buy.

Now, this one comes with style quite different from others. The material is a padded nylon strap, easy to clean, and stretch.

The comfort of your dog is in check, as it has 5-7 holes adjustable. No slacks, no jams, it’s tough and ideal for very playful dogs. It helps keep them in place, the design aids in such a way that much pull isn’t needed.

One Tigris Military collar is packed with a slot for ID tag and other vital details you would want your dog to carry around.

So we would rate this more on the list for its price and affordability.

Quick Specification list

• Weight:- 4.8 Ounces

• Material:- Nylon strap, soft pads.

• Colour:- Black

• Size:- M (Adjustable with five buckles +)

“Very sturdy collar. It is even a little hard to get off, to be honest. My family and my kiwi (my dog) love it! It definitely matches her personality. Thank you” – Jennifer.

Dogs Kingdom Spiked Leather Collar

The fifth collar for the way, we would describe this as an ideal collar for Pitbulls — spiked DU leather, very tough and slightly extensible.

Now, this collar is available in different sizes, just a color (black), but this collar gives the taste of material strength and durability.

A quick list on size specifications

Design: Fashionable and personalized Black Spiked

Studded Dog CollarXS: 2″(5cm) width,20″(51cm) total length, neck for 15-18″(38-46cm)
S: 2″(5cm) width,22″ (56cm) total length, neck for 17-20″(43-51cm)

M: 2″(5cm) width,24″ (61cm) total length, neck for 19-22″(48-56cm)

L: 2″(5cm) width,26″ (66cm) total length neck for 21-24″(53-61cm)

Weight:- 8.8 Ounces
Colour:- Black
Water-resistant: – No
Material: – PU leather

Users reviews: –


“I love how my dogs look on them that’s #1 and also glad it’s #heavy-duty as well I most def recommend them to any 1! my American Bully has a big dome and fit him just perfect I got him a large one and my female Pitbull #Trixie I got her a medium it was just a Lil big but nothing I couldn’t fix n make her fit in. just did a hole rt next to the last smallest n fit her just right! #recommendedforalldogs big or small. I’m one satisfied customer!” – Ralph Diaz.

In conclusion, we can infer that the above-listed products are ideal for Pitbull dogs.
Though each has an area of specialization in terms of meeting your needs.

Products listed in the review

• Black Rhino Comfort collar

• W&W Lifetime Stainless steel collar

• Bully’s Pitbull Collar

• One Tigris Military collar

• The Dogs Kingdom spiked

Durable Material. Made of high quality and durable nylon material with neat stitching to prevent chafing, the soft hook and loop are applied inside the dog collar to provide comfort to your dog. Heavy-duty dog collar.

Design of the Handle. This metal buckle collar for dogs has a control handle that can grab your dog, makes it very easy when putting your dog in walking him to your side for a firm and secure grip. The width is 1.5″ metal buckle dog tactical collars fit for medium-large Dogs, used for Service Dogs, Police K9, Military dogs, and german shepherd, .etc.

D-Ring Design. The k9 collar tactical/military dog collar with handle has a D-Ring can be attached a dog leash to keep your dog next to you easier by your control, this adjustable dog collar.

Size: (16-23.5”)/(40-60cm).

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