Rottweiler Dogs: 10 Reasons why you should get a Rottweiler

Rottweiler DogsRottweiler Dogs: 10 Reasons why you should get a Rottweiller?

Want to know the 10 Reasons why you should get a Rottweiler dog? Then read on. The primary reason for this topic is to nullify lots of false information have been said about this breed. Today,  we’ll be looking at the 10 Reasons why you should get a rottweiler dog. Too many people have told too many lies about the breed. There have been lots of false/bad news or stories about the rottweiler dog breed. These reasons have made even lovers/enthusiasts  of the breed to become afraid of owning one.

Too many people say the Rottweiler Dog breed is known for:

-Aggressiveness and are not good family dogs-especially one with kids.

-Some say the breed always attacks its owner(s).

How true is that? Well, that’s a big fat lie. A dog will always be as good as you train it to be. This is why I always say; “there are no bad dogs but bad owners”.

What makes the Rotweiller breed stand out and why should one get a Rottweiller dog breed?

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Here are the Top 10 Reasons why you should get a Rottweiler dog:

1. They are your best companion:

This breed can be the very best breed a dog lover can have. When it exhibits aggressive behavior, note that it’s from the owner and not the breed.

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2. They are Smart and intelligent:

When it comes to smartness and intelligent, this breed ranks amongst the world most intelligent breeds of dogs in the world.

3. They are very affectionate, friendly and love to be with their owners:

They love to crave for affection.

4. They are calm, confident and assertive

5. They are low maintenance. They need very less maintenance, they are highly trainable- easy to train

6. They are natural guards:

There’s no need for teaching them to be aggressive. They are naturally endowed with guard instincts. Strong, athletic and love exercise.

7. They possess intimidating figure, good at sensing danger

8. They are Hypoallergenic: They are immune to other diseases.

9. They are very loyal

10. They are great working dogs

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